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We are only accepting new consultants within the United States.  Thank you. 

10 Reasons to Sell Godiva's Secret Wigs

GS Logo Head We've been empowering women with wigs since 1997 and voted "Best Wigs" for over a decade!

GS Logo Head Always receive 50% OFF wigs and 30-50% OFF hair pieces, hair care and more!

GS Logo Head Make extra money working as much or as little as you want!

GS Logo Head You'll be selling the highest quality, most realistic wash & wear wigs and hair pieces you've ever seen!

GS Logo Head Create instant transformations for people in your own community!

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GS Logo Head After your initial order, simply purchase at least $500 worth of product each calendar year to remain active!  

GS Logo Head Sell wigs for convenience, career, travel, romance or hair loss challenges such as chemotherapy and alopecia. 

GS Logo Head Our wigs practically sell themselves; just wear them and share them!

GS Logo Head No need to maintain lots of inventory - order as often as you like! 

GS Logo Head To help grow your business, our owners provide written & visual training and a private Consultant Corner full of information!


I love this opportunity! How do I start?

Become a Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant in 2 Simple Steps!

Step #1- Fill out our Consultant Forms.  Download forms HERE.
If within the U.S., we are required to charge sales tax unless we have your Resale Certificate Form on file.  Download form HERE.  Best to check with a CPA in your state to find out what is required.  (If your state is not listed on this form, please contact us.)
If outside the U.S., also fill out Additional Terms for International Consultants.

Step #2- Place your Opening Order.  Download order form HERE.
This first order will include our All Inclusive Consultant Starter Kit for $399, which includes everything you need to start your wig business.  Click HERE to see what is included.  You must also purchase a minimum of twelve (12) wigs, which are discounted at 50% below the retail price.   Although the minimum for this opening order is twelve wigs, many new consultants start out with 12-36 wigs. 

Once we receive your completed Consultant Forms and Order Form, our Consultant Support Team will contact you within 2 business days to review your forms and opening order.   Express Shipping is not available for your opening order.  If you have any questions in the meantime, email Consultants@GodivasSecretWigs.com or call toll free 877-567-9447, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm PST.

*There are no annual fees; simply purchase a minimum of $500 worth of product each calendar year to remain active.  

Helpful Hints for Creating Your Opening Order:
1. Review the wigs on our website; take notes on the styles and colors you love.
2. View our 350+ videos on our YouTube Channel and take notes on the styles and colors you love.
3. Decide how many wigs you want to order for your first order. Remember, all wigs are 50% OFF!
Although our minimum opening order is 12 wigs, we know that clients want their wigs asap! So, consultants who carry more stock do sell more. Most consultants begin with 12-36 wigs. Start with as many as you can and continue to add to your inventory when possible. Make your goal to have 50-60 wigs in your inventory for a great assortment that you'll have excellent results with!
4. Think about who your target customer is going to be and order accordingly.
5. If you have never tried Godiva’s Secret Wigs before, try ordering a few wigs that are similar to your own hair style and/or color, so that you can get used to the wigs on yourself first. You will be your very best advertising tool; everywhere you wear your wig, you are advertising!


Thank you for allowing us to share Godiva's Secret Wigs dream.   We look forward to you joining our team  
and we look forward to helping you become a successful Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant!


Questions?  They're probably answered here!

Consultant Introduction
Starter Kit and Training
Ask Your CPA
Shipping & Handling
Returns & Exchanges
Choosing Colors
Godiva's Secret Wigs vs. Other Wigs
Altering & Cutting Wigs
Consultant Testimonials




What is a Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant?

A Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant is a person who has chosen to start her own wig business and purchases wigs directly through Godiva's Secret Wigs, at 50% OFF the retail price. She is paid directly by her clients. She chooses the hours she wants to work, understanding that the more she works, the more happy clients she will have and the more money she will make! She can choose to have clients visit her in her home/salon, or visit the client in their homes/hospital setting. The consultant will educate the client so well that together they will make choices on styles and colors that the client will feel most beautiful in. If the consultant has the perfect wig in her inventory, the client can purchase that wig. If the consultant does not have the desired wig in her inventory, she will order it from the Godiva's Secret Wigs website. Once the consultant receives the new wig, she and the client will meet again to finalize the order. 

Who is Godiva's Secret Wigs ?

Our business began in 1997 with a desire to provide modern, beautiful wigs and excellent service to the women in Southern California. We have been voted “Best Wigs” by the Los Angeles Daily News for over a decade. Godiva's Secret Wigs boutiques are located in Southern California and Godiva's Secret Wigs consultants are "hair" to help women all over the world, from the United States to Australia and everywhere in between. Although our passion is to help women during one of the most challenging times of their lives - the challenge of hair loss, Godiva's Secret Wigs is also enjoyed by women around the world for convenience, career, travel, romance and so much more! Our wig consultants and stylists create a modern, upbeat approach to wigs that is second to none.

Why did we start our Consultant Program ?

In 2009, we began to notice that our California clients were bringing their out of state relatives and friends to our stores. When our new clients returned home with their wigs, they were flooded with people asking where they could purchase the same wigs. We started receiving calls from women all over the country. We thought to ourselves, “How can we help women outside California gain access to our wigs?” After 10 years of working with women and wigs all day, every day, we believed we had the ability to share our knowledge with women who wanted to make a difference in other women's lives with wigs. This is how our Wig Consultant Program was born. As of 2020, we have hundreds of Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultants all over the world who absolutely love selling our amazing wigs and making more money!

When was the last time you woke up feeling excited to begin work, knowing the positive impact you are going to have on the women in your community?

If you sincerely want to empower women with wigs, while creating more income for yourself, Rochelle and Danielle want you to join our growing team of Wig Consultants! Our award winning wigs and hair loss products create astonishing instant transformations for our clients and yours! And, when you can purchase our amazing wigs at 50% off the retail price, Godiva's Secret Wigs is a smart choice for creating more wealth in your life today!

Why represent Godiva's Secret Wigs?

We don't carry thousands of wigs, just wigs that look real! We save you time and money by only offering the best in each style. This is a win-win-win for you, your clients, and your community! When we combine our fantastic line of products with outstanding service and a genuine desire to help women, it's no wonder that our referral rate is over 90%. Whether clients purchase their wigs for travel, career, romance, convenience or medical challenges, we offer modern solutions that specifically address their personal needs. And, with retail prices starting at $159, our clients typically own 2 to 20 wigs!



How do I become a Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant?

To become a Godiva’s Secret Wigs Consultant:

Purchase an All Inclusive Consultant Starter Kit for $399, which includes all of the training you will need to become a Consultant (click here to see what's included).
Purchase a minimum of 12 (twelve) wigs, which are discounted at 50% below the retail price. Although the minimum for this opening order is twelve wigs, most new consultant start out with 12-36 wigs.

*There are no annual fees; simply purchase a minimum of $500 worth of product each calendar year to remain active.  

After this order, you will continue to save up to 50% off the retail prices on the wigs you order, just by ordering through the Consultant Area of our website! We round out our wigs with a great assortment of everything else your clients may want. These items, including top pieces, hair care, turbans and much more, are discounted from 30-50% OFF.

50% off any wigs ordered through the consultant area of GodivaSecretWigs.com.

40% off any wigs ordered by phone, fax or email.

30-50% off any miscellaneous items, including top pieces and accessories.

I just purchased one of your wigs and love it! I want to be a consultant; can I apply that wig toward my opening order?

Many clients fall so in love with our wigs that they decide they want to become a Wig Consultant and sell them. If you've purchased a wig from Godiva's Secret Wigs within 30 days of signing up to become a wig consultant, we will deduct $100 from the All Inclusive Starter Kit!

What comes in the All Inclusive Consultant Starter Kit?

The All Inclusive Consultant Starter Kit includes everything you need to start selling your wigs!  It includes Marketing Materials, samples of our Hair Care Items, and everything you need to cut and style your clients' wigs and hair pieces with confidence.   Scroll down to learn more about the training you will receive. 

Godiva's Secret Wigs Catalog
Godiva's Secret Wigs Color Ring
Price Lists
Order Form
In-Stock Wig Inventory Form
Client Information & Purchases Form
Money Collected Worksheet Form
20 Godiva’s Secret Consultant Business Cards
10 Godiva’s Secret Consultant Booklets
5 Godiva’s Secret Client Bags
1 Keep It Clean Shampoo 8oz
1 Keep It Sleek Conditioner 8oz
1 Keep It There Hair Spray 2oz
1 Teasing Brush & 1 Wire Brush

1 Nylon Wig Cap & 1 Mesh Wig Cap
1 Wig Hanger
1 Wig Grip Band
2 Metal Wig Clips
1 Pack of Bobby Pins
1 Hot Air Brush

1 Hair Cutting Cape
1 Pair of Gold Scissors
1 Gently Used Wig (to practice hair cutting)
1 Secret Tote 

What kind of training will I receive?

When you become a consultant, you will receive a welcome email which includes private links to our six amazing training videos.  These videos cover topics such as how to set up and give a successful wig party, how to work one-on-one with clients and more! It also includes our 3-part Training Manual. The training is designed to give you all the tools you need to create and sustain a successful wig business. We share the secret fundamentals, strategic ideas and procedures to start your business and grow it to the maximum potential!

In addition, you will be given access to the private Consultant Corner on our website.  After countless hours of reviewing the techniques that worked best for us, we created our Consultant Corner, a password protected area on our website that is dedicated to our GSW Consultants!  In this corner, you will find our most valuable training tips, techniques, documents and videos for you to learn from and use!  You can use this as your knowledge base, to help you truly become a Wig Expert! 


Do I have to have a seller's permit to become a consultant?

No, you do not have to have a seller's permit to become a GSW Consultant.  However, we will be required to charge you sales tax unless you have a Seller's Permit and fill out a Resale Certificate.   It's always best to check with a CPA in your state to find out what is required to obtain a Seller's Permit in your area. 

Do I have to have a business license to become a consultant?

It's always best to check with a CPA in your state to find out what is required in your area.

How do I do my taxes if I'm a consultant?

Your best bet is always to ask a certified CPA any questions regarding taxes and licenses.


Once I become a consultant, what is my discount?

* 50% off any wigs ordered through the consultant area of the website
* 40% off any wigs ordered by phone, fax or email.
* 30-50% off any miscellaneous items, including top pieces, hair care, accessories, and more.

Do you have bulk pricing?

We offer bulk pricing on many of our Hair Care Products and Accessories.

Can I make my own prices?

All product sold by Godiva's Secret Wigs are tagged with the style name, color and retail price that you will charge your clients. To maintain the high quality of our brand and expertise, we recommend that you use the suggested retail prices. If you choose to advertise through social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), websites (your own or others), or written publications, you may not offer a discount greater than 10% on wigs and hair pieces.  

Occasionally, Godiva’s Secret Wigs offers special promotions that are over 10%. During these promotions, you may choose to offer the same discounts to your clients, but only during the exact dates of our promotions and not to exceed the discount being offered by GSW. You will be alerted of these promotions by email within at least 7 days of the promotion start date. 

Is there sales tax?

If you have a Resale Certificate on file, you will not be charged sales tax on your orders.  


How do I place an order?

Typically, you are ordering through the Consultant Area of our website. You will login using your email and the password provided to you in your Opening Order. Then you will place order and checkout as you would normally.

What if an item I order is on back order?

If an item is on back order, we will notify you immediately and give you an expected due date. At this time, you can either decide to exchange that item for a different style or color, wait for the back order, or cancel that item. If you choose to wait, we will give you email updates on the status of your item until it arrives.

Can I change my order?

You can change an order within 2 hours of placing it, as long as the order has not already shipped out. To change an order, you must contact us Toll Free at 877-567-9447 so we can verify that the order can still be changed.

How long will it take my order to arrive once I place it?

If you are in the United States, you will have your order within about 7-10 business days. International shipping does take slightly longer. The only exception is if an item is on back order.

Can I rush an order if necessary?

If you need to rush an order, call us immediately Toll Free at 877-567-9447 to confirm that the item is in stock and able to be rushed. We will verify that the rush is possible for you at that time and let you know what the extra charge will be. Generally, expedited shipping within the U.S. starts at $40 and expedited shipping internationally generally starts at $65.  Prices may vary based on weight and size of order as well as location.

How do I know what colors each wig can be ordered in?

The easiest way to look up the colors a wig comes in is on our website. Your catalog will also show you what colors each wig comes in. If you are having trouble finding a particular color, you can email or call us and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Can I order just a color ring?

Yes, if you need another color ring, they are $45.

Can I purchase the All Inclusive Consultant Starter Kit more than once?

The All Inclusive Consultant Starter Kit can only be purchased once; however, all items included in the Kit are available for purchase individually (other than the gently used wig).


How do you ship your wigs?

We offer USPS First Class, USPS Priority, USPS Express Shipping, and DHL Express International Shipping.

Can you ship an order directly to my client?

Godiva's Secret Wigs does not offer drop shipping. We only ship orders directly to the Consultant that placed the order.

How can I get a tracking number for my order?

Once your order ships out, you will get an email from the USPS website containing your tracking number. Then you can go to www.usps.com and insert the Delivery Confirmation Number to see where your order is. 


What is your return policy for Consultants?

We want you to love the merchandise that you receive from Godiva's Secret Wigs! You can return merchandise for a Godiva's Secret Store Credit, to be used on your next order, or exchange the merchandise for new product. We do NOT offer refunds for consultant purchases. Product(s) must not have been worn, damaged or altered in any way and the original tag must be attached. We reserve the right to refuse your request if we feel these conditions have not been met.

What happens if I want to return a wig for a Godiva's Secret credit?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the styles or colors that you chose, you may return any items within 14 days of receiving your purchase. We do find it necessary to charge a $20 Restocking Fee for each wig that is returned, and a 20% Restocking Fee for all other items that are returned. Shipping and handling fees can not be credited.

How do I get my credit?

Your credit will be put on your Godiva's Secret Wigs account to be used in the future. This credit never expires and can be used on any Godiva's Secret Wigs goods found on our website.

How do I return a wig?

Please send your package in a sturdy box, including the Consultant Return Form and a copy of your receipt, via a prepaid, insured, traceable method to ensure a safe and documented delivery.
Send returns and exchanges to:

Godiva's Secret Wigs
Attn: Returns Dept.
5230 Las Virgenes Rd. Suite 285
Calabasas, CA 91302


How do I know what colors a wig comes in?

To find out what colors a wig comes in, simply look up a particular wig on our website or in your catalog. The colors listed under that wig are the colors it is available in. These colors correlate with the colors on your Godiva’s Secret Wigs Color Ring.

Some of the color swatches on the Color Ring have 2 colors right next to each other. What does that look like in a wig?

If a swatch has 2 colors next to each other, that means that those colors are evenly blended together in a wig. To get a more accurate idea of that color, use your fingers to blend the colors together.

What does the "R" after some of the wig names mean?

If a wig name has an "R" after it, that means that the colors listed below that wig are all rooted colors. These colors all have a darker shade of brown at the root, which looks like regrowth, or roots.

Do all wigs come with and without roots?

No, not all wigs come with roots. If a wig is available with roots, you will see the name of the wig with an "R" after it, in addition to the name by itself.

If a wig comes in a certain color without roots, can it be ordered with roots too?

No. Within a certain wig style, a color will either come with roots, or without.

There are colors on the color ring without roots, but the same color is in my catalog with roots. Help!

Many colors are available with roots in some wigs, and without roots in other wigs. The swatches on the color ring simply shows the main color; they do not usually show the dark rooted color, even if the color is available rooted. A color may be available without roots in one style, but only available with roots in another style. This is why it is very important to check your catalog colors before ordering a wig.


Is there a difference between less expensive wigs and your wigs?

Absolutely! Like most items you purchase online, quality does cost more. We consider these features and benefits most important to consider when choosing a wig that you’ll be proud of:

*The wig should look natural and undetectable; even to your hair dresser!

*The wig’s high quality synthetic fiber should feel natural to the touch.

*The wig should be open when you look inside; open wefts allow your scalp to breathe.

*The wig should feel light weight and comfortable; weighing typically 2 to 5 ounces.

*The wig fibers should have the perfect sheen; not too shiny, not too dull.

*The sheen of the wig should last after washing and conditioning multiple times.

*The wig should fit securely and have adjustments on it to tighten or loosen it.

*The wig should not scratch your head, the materials should be soft and pliable.

*The colors in the wig should mimic the blends and highlights of natural human hair.

*After a wig is washed/conditioned, it should drip dry into its original style without setting or styling; all on its own.

Godiva’s Secret Wigs are made from the highest quality of synthetic fiber called Kanekalon. Kanekalon is the closest fiber to natural hair! It even contains substances of organic origin, such as seaweed. It is very easy to work with, durable, long lasting, flame retardant and looks much more natural than wigs made of other synthetic materials.

There are countless formulations of synthetic fiber. If you’re seeing very low prices on wigs, keep in mind that doll hair is also made of synthetic fiber! Please think twice!

Other companies do offer Kanekalon wigs at the same or higher than ours. We keep our prices as competitive as possible, knowing that our clients typically purchase 2 to 20 of our wigs. Why? Because they fall in love with our modern styles, comfortable fit, undetectable soft fiber and our expert client service. If you can’t choose, our experts are ‘hair’ to help you!

You can always tell a bad wig, but you can never tell a Godiva’s Secret Wig!

Do you carry Human Hair Wigs?

No, and here's why:

Godiva’s Secret Wigs clients are busy women who have minutes to look great in their wigs. They can’t be bothered with blow drying and styling their wigs and they don’t want to pay $65 to $200 every single time their wig needs to be washed. Decide for yourself between a Godiva’s Secret Wash & Wear Wig OR a Human Hair Wig:

Godiva's Secret Wigs  Human Hair Wigs
Modern; easy to style Outdated; heavy and difficult to style
Prices start at $159 Prices average $800 to thousands
Wigs dry into their original style/ $0 cost Must be restyled after each washing/ $$$
Won't frizz no matter what weather you're in Frizz in humidity and rain
Keep their color for the life of the wig Color fades over time
Light and airy, like real hair Dense and thick; looks unrealistic



Do I have to be a licensed cosmetologist to trim a wig?

No, as long as you are not charging for the trim. However, if you choose to charge for this service, please check your state laws to find out if you need a cosmetology license.

What do I do if the wig needs to be trimmed or thinned, but I can’t do it?

Generally, a hairdresser can trim the wigs if you need something minor. The rules with high quality hair are simple: no blow dryer, no curling iron, no flat iron and no regular hairspray. You can use hot rollers on them, but if the rollers are to hot to hold in your hands, they are too hot for the wig. Hot air brushes work great on the wigs also.

How can I make a wig bigger?

Watch our video: Tutorial- 4 Ways to Make a Wig Larger
There are a few ways to make a wig bigger.  
1. You can pull the adjustment straps all the way out. This will allow the wig to fit a little looser. Sometimes they are hard to pull because they are double stitched so they don't come out, but if you pull hard enough, they will come out.
2. You can make a tiny slit in the back of the wig near the tag, which opens the wig cap up slightly. Do one side first, and then the other if necessary.
3. If you have something circular that is slightly bigger than your head, you can put it on there to actually stretch the cap out.
4. The caps do naturally stretch out over time slightly.

How can I make a wig smaller?

Watch our video: Tutorial: How to Make a Wig Smaller
There are a few ways to make a wig smaller.
1. You can tighten the adjustment straps to go as tight as you want. If the straps are moving when you put the wig on, try sewing the adjustment straps to the wig, so that they can’t move.
2. You can gather up a few of the wefts and sew them together; this will remove some of the bulk.
3. You can cut some of the wefts out, in a V shape, and then sew the wig back together. We have a video that we can send you the link to; it shows how to cut out the wefts to make the wig smaller.

If my client’s head is very large and making the wig bigger won’t work, does she have any other options?

If your client’s head is very large, you might suggest that she tries wearing a Top Piece. If you don’t have any Top Pieces that are right for her style or color, you can customize a full wig, and turn it into a hair piece. You simply cut the wig off at whatever length you want, and then sew 4 metal clips into the top of the wig to turn it into a custom Top Piece. 
Watch our video: How to Turn a Wig into a Custom Top Piece


If I refer someone else to you to become a consultant, do I get credit?

Yes! If you refer a new consultant to us, you will receive a $100 Godiva's Secret Credit towards your next purchase, which can be used on anything! You must make sure that the new consultant specifically says that you, a current consultant, referred her. As soon as she makes her opening purchase, you will receive the credit on your Godiva’s Secret Wigs account.

Can I have a client pick up their wig at one of your stores?

No. Our retail stores are a separate division of Godiva’s Secret Wigs and unrelated to the consultant sales and orders. For this reason, your client is not able to pick up their wig at one of our stores.

Can I bring a client into your retail store so that she can try things on before I place her order?

We do not recommend it. Bringing a client to one of our retail stores will prove much more confusing and difficult for you and your client. Many items that we carry in our stores are not accessible to our consultants or our website clients.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email Consultants@GodivasSecretWigs.com or call Toll Free 877-567-9447.