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10 Must See “See Thru Scalp” Mono Wigs

Whether you are a first time wig wearer or a long time lover of wigs, monofilament wigs are an essential part of your wig collection. These wigs allow you to create an incredibly natural look without having to lift a finger. Better still, they lay flat against your head and allow you to feel comfortable no matter your environment.

In this video, Danielle goes over the top 10 must see “see thru scalp” monofilament wigs Godiva’s Secret Wigs offers.


Monofilament wigs are an exceptional choice for anyone who is looking to get into wearing wigs or simply wants to expand their horizons. Regardless of your comfort level with wigs, our customer support team is always available to assist you with your wig selection process.

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What Is A See Thru Scalp Mono Wig?

A mono wig is the commonly used name for a monofilament wig. Unlike some of our other types of  realistic wigs, mono wigs have a thin layer of mesh. This mesh simulates a natural scalp.

Each hair strand is individually weaved through the fine mesh to create the most realistic wig possible. It will be hard to tell the difference between your scalp and the wig.

Another feature of a monofilament wig is that the wig lays flatter on your own head. Whether you have a full head of hair or are suffering from hair loss, a mono wig will always sit naturally on your scalp.

Instead of the factory machine teased look that comes with most wigs, mono wigs create a natural appearance. 


Top 10 Mono Wigs To Add To Your Collection

Almost all of the monofilament wigs available through Godiva’s Secret Wigs come in most colors and are also available with root colors. Blondes, brunettes, red heads, and highlights are all available in our vast inventory of modern wigs.

  1. Ann: When you need a short wig with a classic bob style, you need Ann. This chin length bob features an edged, shorter length in the back. This is especially popular during summer months when having longer hair is just too hot!

  2. Sassy: Unfortunately, Sassy has been discontinued. However, the Sasha medium wig is best suited for a substitution. Either cut or ask your hair stylist to add a tapered back and defined bang to recreate the look.

  3. Tyler: Unfortunately, Tyler has been discontinued. However, Chloe is another medium wig that makes a wonderful substitution. The only thing that needs to be done is layering to recreate the Tyler modern wig look.

  4. Vicki: A classic look is great, but nothing can beat a modern angled bob. With the Vicki medium wig, your sexy attire will always be perfectly complemented. The swept fringe and cropped back will turn heads for years to come!

  5. Beth: This razor cut bob features wispy, dreamy fringe pieces that provide a very natural look. The Beth medium wig can be worn casually or to the fanciest red carpet events on the planet.

  6. Brianne: This straight style medium wig allows you to sleep in a little longer each day. Gone are the days of trying to straighten your hair before the day has begun!

  7. Stephanie: When you desire a little longer look that just grazes the shoulders, Stephanie is the medium wig for you. This gentle wig doesn’t feature bangs, which adds a sophisticated and sexy edge to your look for the day/evening.

  8. Cassandra: This long, soft layered wig is perfect for feeling sexy! You can wear this out on the town or keep it confined to home life for your special someone. Find your inner tigress and let the world hear her roar when you wear Cassandra.

  9. Nikki: Unfortunately, Nikki has been discontinued. However, Mariah is perfectly situated to replace Nikki! This long mono wig is ready to be part of your collection.

  10. Roxana: Unfortunately, Roxana has been discontinued. However, the Rachel long wig is ready to be textured to create the same shaggy look. You can add texture on your own or ask for the assistance of your hairstylist.

Monofilament wigs are perfect for those who are just entering the wig world or are ready to have the freedom to part their wig in any direction they choose. With Godiva’s Secret Wigs selection, you are sure to find a wig that embodies your style and instantly enhances your confidence.

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Order Your Modern Wig Today!

We understand that ordering a wig online can be difficult, even if this is not your first wig. We want you to know that you are not alone. Our customer service team is ready and available to walk you through color and length selection of your new, sexy wig.

If you have questions about care or maintenance, we are here for you as well. From the beginning of the order and years after the purchase, our team is HAIR to help you! Please do not hesitate to call us at 877-567-9447 today to place your modern wig order!


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