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7 Natural Looking Wigs

In this video, Jessica and her mom, Rebecca, join Rochelle for a modeling session. Jessica is a busy mom of three with short, no-fuss hair. She gets several amazing transformations, featuring shorter lace front wigs, medium-length red wigs, to hand-tied wigs, and everything in between. You'll discover different ways to style your wigs and so much more. 

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Here's the list of the Godiva's Secret Wigs featured in the video, with links so you can also check out the other colors—and get all of the details. 

Erin LF Wig in Marble Brown-H (lace front) 

Erin LF Wig in Spring Honey (lace front) 

Long Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee-R  

Shantel Wig in Mochaccino 

Julia LF w/ Roots Wig in Vanilla Bean-R (lace front) 

Chloe Mono w/ Roots Wig in Vanilla Bean-R (hand-tied, monofilament) 

Harmony w/ Roots Wig in Creamy Toffee-R 

Diana LF Wig in Red Spice (lace front) 

Thin Candice w/ Roots Wig in Champagne-R 

Rochelle, Jessica, and Rebecca also talk about: 

How do you introduce your new wig to your family and friends? Jessica says you might expect people to comment on your wig, but it looks so natural that you just have to own it. No need to wait for the comments. 

Adjust your makeup to work with your new hair color. Rochelle says she pumps up her makeup, especially with darker wigs. 

Lace front wigs. Pull it back, and you can see this wig looks like it has a hairline. 

How do you store your wig? When you're not wearing it, turn it inside out. 

The bangs may need a trim. Jessica says she loves how you can style these wigs with your fingers. 

The benefits of Godiva's Secret Wigs are their convenience and their natural appearance. The wigs in this video all naturally lay flatter than some of our other styles. But they are machine teased, so you can pump them up if you want to. 

See all of our Machine-Teased WigsJessica looks great in colors ranging from cool and warm blonds to red spice. She says her favorite was the Erin in Marble Brown-H. Rochelle's favorite was Julia in Vanilla Bean-R. You can experiment with styles, colors, rooted, non-rooted, lace front, and hand-tied wigs. 

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We want everyone to experience our gorgeous wash and wear wigs. So, each month we're giving away a free wig valued up to $300. Enter our free wig giveaway today for yourself or a loved one. You can follow Godiva's Secret Wigs on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for all the news and updates.

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