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8 Popular Wig Styles & Wig Colors We Don't Feature Enough

Godiva’s Secret Wigs has long provided a range of wigs for women who are looking for convenience, suffering from hair loss, those who are transgender and many other reasons. However, we have such a wide product range that we have a hard time showing you everything we have to offer! Our website is perfectly organized into several categories that feature our wigs, but today we wanted to show you some of our popular wigs and colors on camera that we simply don’t show enough. See the video below!


We have also described each of the wigs below, for your convenience. Whether you want to feel sassy or try on a modest wig, we have something for everyone here at Godiva’s Secret Wigs!


8 Modern Wigs That Are Cute & Sexy!

One of these eight modern wigs is sure to fit your taste, style, and budget. Remember, just because the wig is listed in one color does not mean that it is the only color! We have blonde, brunette, red, and silver colors available in most of our wigs.

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  • Sunset Short WigSunset Wig in Auburn Sugar: This lightweight and airy short wig features soft tousled layers. With the lift at the crown, your face is instantly slimmed!

  • Lacy w/ Roots Wig in Almond Roca: Lacy is a medium wig that is just as sassy as you! This wig is perfect for young and mature wig wearers. It features a flirty, wavy back and longer bang.

  • Shantel Wig in Spring Honey: When you need a foolproof medium wig, Shantel delivers. Simply put her on and run the day or night however you want! You can also trim the bangs to fit your face better.

  • Marina Medium WigMarina w/ Roots Wig in Chocolate Frost: Wigs should feel as natural as your hair, and Marina doesn’t disappoint. This silky smooth page medium wig requires minimal maintenance and effort to wear her all day long. You can wear her as is or trim her to fit your taste.

  • Harmony w/ Roots Wig in Mochaccino: Harmony is one of our most popular shoulder length medium wigs. She doesn’t cause any hassle to you, and her wispy layers move as you walk.

  • Madison Wig in Marble Brown: The shag cut is coming back in style! Hop on this style bandwagon by wearing Madison long wig. Her bangs can be worn to the side or down the middle for a wispy effect.

  • McKenna Medium WigMcKenna Wig in Honey Wheat: McKenna features soft layers that are fun and manageable. This medium wig is slightly thinner, which makes it perfect to wear in any season.

  • Faye Wig in Toasted Brown: This long, shaggy wig is incredibly light-weight and highly textured. The Faye long wig can be worn up or down daily or for special occasions.

While these are still some of our most popular wigs, they are each unique in their own way. Why don’t you start a Godiva’s Secret Wig Club with your friends and get together once a month. Wigs, wine, and dining - oh my!

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Wig Experts Ready To Assist You

At Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Whether you are a new wig wearer or have a collection already, we are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Each of our customer support members is fully trained to be kind and sensitive to your unique situation. You will quickly see that Godiva’s Secret Wigs is a safe space for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 877-567-9447. Remember, we’re HAIR to help!

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