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9 Fabulous Wigs for Fine Hair

In this video, first-time wig wearer Jessica and her mom, Rebecca, join Rochelle, the mother of the mother-daughter team at Godiva's Secret Wigs. Jessica has short, fine hair. Rochelle takes her on a wig tour to discover wig styles similar to her own hair and gorgeous options in length and color.

The pleasure of wearing a wig for many women is owning multiple wigs and switching up their look from day to day. On the other hand, some women want a go-to daily wig that makes them feel comfortable.

Which wig does Jessica pick? Read on, and watch the video, to find out.

1. Kelly Short Wig: Champagne R

Kelly_chocolate_swirl_wigRochelle is wearing the Kelly short wig in a beautiful champagne color. The R stands for rooted, which means the wig has a natural appearance of roots. Godiva's Secret Wigs are high-quality synthetic, not human hair.

The great benefit of quality synthetic wigs is they never frizz. Additionally, many of our wigs are machine teased. So, they'll dry with the same lift even after you wash them.

2. Cristi Short Wig: Iced Mocha

Rochelle starts Jessica off with the Cristi short wig in Iced Mocha to get a feel for color options. To put the wig on, Rochelle gives it a shake then tucks Jessica's hair behind her ears. The wig should line up with the hairline. Rochelle demonstrates how to wear the wig, incorporating a few strands of Jessica's natural hair.

These wigs are much thicker than Jessica's natural hair, so they feel full. If the wig feels too big, don't brush it to flatten it out. Instead, adjust the lift using a spritz of water to make it piecier. It's also okay to trim these wigs.

If you have short hair and want an extra lift, the Cristi Top fits at the crown and attaches with little metal clips.

3. Freedom Wig: Harvest Gold

Freedom_Chocolate_Swirl_wigThe Freedom wig in Harvest Gold is Godiva's Secret most popular wig style. It's got a little ash blond to it, but overall, it's got that golden hue. We carry Harvest Gold in almost every wig style we offer. It's easy to style this wig with water.

And for those of you who want to use hairspray, it's essential to use Godiva's low alcohol hairspray to keep your wig in good shape. Regular hairspray can ruin these wigs because the high alcohol content will dry the synthetic fibers out. 

Spritz some of our low alcohol hairspray into your hands, or directly on the wig, and style it the same way you would using water. We have lots of videos demonstrating how to care for our Godiva's Secret Wigs. You can wash them in your sink with cold water only.

Brush the wig gently before washing it. Soak it in cold water and use a cap of our Keep It Clean Shampoo. Then follow up with our Keep It Sleek Conditioner. It's important always to condition the wigs after washing. Remember, synthetic wigs only receive the moisturizing that you apply.

4. Kelly: Chocolate Frost-R

Next is the Kelly wig in Chocolate Frost, with roots. This wig is lighter in the front and darker in the back. Our wigs are all open wefts, which means your scalp can breathe, and it doesn't inhibit your hair growth. In other words, it's okay to wear the wig to work or wear it eight to ten hours before taking it off.

There are two curvy tabs, AKA wings, with a bit of wire in them that keeps the wig flat against your hairline. You can also pump it up and tease the wig with one of Godiva's Secret brushes, or take it down again by spritzing it.

5. Sabrina Medium Wig: Coffee Latte

Sabrina_Medium_Wig_Ir_spiceRochelle takes Jessica a little darker again, with the Sabrina Wig in Coffee Latte. The warm browns make Jessica's eyes pop. This wig is a modern, edgy A-line and has lots of different highlights.

6. Trixie Medium Wig: Chocolate Swirl

Trixie in Chocolate Swirl, has some blonde around the face, at the hairline. Rochelle says the way she loves to wear Trixie is behind the ear. Trixie is bouncy. There's a lot of hair, so it's important to play with it.

Take note, the wigs in this video are straight out of the box, the same as you'll receive them.

7. Naomi LF Mono Hand-Tied Wig in English Toffee-R

Naomi LF Mono Long WigNext, we're going really long with Naomi, a lace front, monofilament wig in rooted English Toffee. Godiva's Secret lace front wigs don't require cutting. Monofilament means each hair was attached individually around the hairline and throughout, so there's no fabric showing underneath.

Additionally, these wigs are not machined teased. Instead, it looks like scalp underneath.

Naomi is an excellent choice for women who don't have a lot of hair. This wig enables you to have a ponytail, pull it up and clip it, or put a pony all on one side.

8. Thin Candice Long Wig: Harvest Gold

Now we're going back to Harvest Gold in Thin Candice. Jessica says it feels light, like her natural hair, but there's more of it. 

All of Godiva's Secret Wigs have what we call memory curl, and they don't like heat from blow dryers and curling irons. Be sure to watch our videos on how to style Godiva's Secret Wigs.

9. Candice Wig in Chocolate Swirl

Candice_choc_swirl_wigThe Candice Wig is the fuller sister to Thin Candice. The Chocolate Swirl has blonde around the face. If Candice feels like a lot of hair, clip it however high you want it. You can braid Candice, too. The possibilities are endless.




Which wig did Jessica choose?

When it was all said and done, Jessica went with Thin Candice. She'd never had long hair and has always wanted it. Thin Candice gives her the look she craved with none of the work of having naturally long hair.

Find your perfect wig at Godiva's Secret Wigs.

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