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Is your head sensitive? Do you feel like your wig is moving around a bit? Do you have trouble tucking all your long hair into your wig? Do your short hairs stick out of your wig?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, a wig cap might be the answer for you! Wig caps are worn under your wig and are used for a variety of reasons.  Keep reading to find out which wig cap is right for you. 


This is our most popular Wig Cap. It is made of a thin nylon (like pantyhose) and may be used for many reasons. 

  1. If your head, or hair, is slippery, the nylon will give your wig something to grip onto and keep it from sliding around as much.  However, it will not keep it as secure as the Wig Grip Band.
  2. If your head is slightly sensitive, the nylon acts as a thin barrier between your head and the wig to make it more comfortable for you.
  3. If you are in the process of losing your own hair, this wig cap will collect your hair and keep it from getting in your wig.
  4. If you have short or  medium length hair, you can tuck it into this wig cap to keep it from sticking out. 


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This wig cap is made of an open mesh and is especially good for women with long hair. Here are a few of the perks of a Mesh Wig Cap.

  1. This wig cap has a hole in the top which is designed for women with long hair. Put the cap on like a headband with all of your hair out the hole, then tuck your hair into the cap and evenly distribute it around.
  2. Since the mesh is open, this is the perfect cap to use if you want to use a few bobby pins as well.
  3. If the nylon cap isn't tight enough for you, the mesh cap has a tighter elastic around the outside, which stays in place very well.
  4. If you have short or medium length hair, you can tuck it into this wig cap as well to keep it from sticking out. 

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This wig cap is made of cotton and is especially good if your head is sensitive or itchy. Here are a few of the reasons to use a Cotton Wig Cap.

  1. If your head is sensitive from chemo, or any other reason, this wig cap will act as a barrier between your head and the wig so that all you can feel is the soft cotton.
  2. If the inside of the wig is making your head itchy, this wig cap will also act as a barrier so that the wig does not itch you.
  3. If your wig is a little big on you, wearing the cotton wig cap can take up a little of the extra space and make your wig fit more snug.

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This wig cap combines our very popular Wig Grip Band with a soft, cotton wig cap. Here are a few perks of the Wig Grip Cap. 

  1. If you are experiencing hair loss, or have a sensitive head AND want to make sure your wig is staying on securely, this is the product for you!
  2. You can wear this cap under your wig, or by itself around the house to keep your head cozy.
  3. Wear it under hats, turbans or scarves to keep them from slipping also.
  4. If you have a petite size head and want a regular size wig, this cap will help take up some of the excess room and make your wig fit better.
  5. The velcro in the back of this cap allows you to adjust it for the perfect fit. 

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