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Wig Styles: Shantel

We want to feature one of our favorite wigs - the Shantel Medium Wig. Shantel is a great medium wig for someone looking for a medium length piece with great movement and flow.

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How to Store Your Wigs

Hello and thank you women all over the world! You are loving Godiva’s Secret Wigs and that is amazing. We've received questions about wig storage, so today we're going to address how to store your wigs. We will take you through all the different ways that we have stored them and give examples of all the ways that work.

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Wig Basics - How to Brush and Add Fullness to Your Synthetic Wig

Is your wig feeling flat? Are you unsure of how to brush your wig? We show you exactly how to brush and add fullness to your short and long wigs. The suggested wire brush as well as the Hot Air Brush are all available on our website.

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How to Put a Wig On

Putting on a wig doesn't have to be hard! Take a look at our simple steps to putting on a wig fast and easy. You'll be a professional in no time!

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Wig Cap Constructions

This page will show you the inside of the 6 different wig cap constructions we carry and the benefits of each one.

Difference Between Machine Teased and Monofilament Wigs
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Machine Teased CapMachine-Teased Wig Cap Construction

This is our most popular type of wig cap construction and the most affordable. The wefts of hair are sewn onto the cap and then the crown area is machine-teased to give height and fullness.

See all of our Machine-Teased Wigs

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Wig Dimensions

Below are the dimensions for our wigs and hair pieces, listed in alphabetical order.

Please note that all measurements are estimated and may be up to ¼” longer or shorter, and .5 ounce heavier or lighter. Also, the length and weight are the same for regular and rooted colors.

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Wig Sizes

How to Measure the Circumference of Your Head
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Wig Colors

Below you will find videos and photos of each color we carry. Use these tools to help you choose the perfect colors for your wigs or top pieces. Scroll down the page or click on a specific color group to go directly to that selection of colors.

In some styles, color blends may vary slightly. On the product page of many of our wigs and pieces, you will find individual color photos as well.

In addition, you can purchase individual Color Swatches or a full Color Ring.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us Toll Free at 877-567-9447. We're always "hair" to help!

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VIDEOS: Wig Tips & Tricks


View our 500+ Wig Videos on YouTube!


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Wig FAQs

Q:  How do I figure out which wig I want?
A:  Here are some very helpful hints when choosing a wig.

  1. Is this your first wig?

    If so, you may want to choose a style and color that resemble your own hair; this is the easiest way to adjust to wearing a wig. Although, whether it’s your first wig or not, wigs are a great way to be able to play and have the hair you always wanted!

  2. What length do you want?

    First, figure out the length you want. Do you want a wig that is the same length as your hair now? Do you want something longer that you can wear down, or put into a ponytail? Do you want a short style that is off your neck?

  3. Which color is right for you?

    Are you looking for a color that resembles your own hair or a color that is totally different? By watching the different videos under “Hair Colors” you can see exactly what our colors look like on our actual wigs. Also, if there is a style you like, click on the thumbnails below the product photo to see that wig style in all different colors. Lastly, if you prefer to see a few color swatches first, you can order them from our site for $4 each. 

  4. Click here to find our 350+ videos on YouTube. While looking through the videos, grab a pen and paper and make notes of what styles and colors you like.

Not sure which wig to choose?
We have live wig experts ready to take your calls Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm PST! 
Toll Free in U.S. and Canada: (877) 567-9447
Local or Int'l: (818) 591-0808
Or email Info@GodivasSecretWigs.com.  We are “hair” to help you!

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Wig Help

If you're new to wigs, or just aren't sure what to purchase, START HERE!!

First a few quick, but very important notes:

*We only carry the highest quality of synthetic hair. We DO NOT carry any human hair wigs or pieces.

*Color Tip: If a color has a “-R” next to it, that means it is a rooted color. This is a color that will have a darker brown color at the base, giving the appearance of regrowth, or “roots.” Many of our wigs are shown as two different products; one has “non-rooted” colors and the other has “rooted” colors.

*Size Tip: If a wig says “Petite” or “Large” in the wig name, that is the size of the wig. If the wig does not say a size, it is an “Average” cap size wig. The majority of our wigs are made in an average size, which fits head circumferences of 21.5”-22.5”. About 95% of people fall into this size category.

*Once you click on a wig or hair piece category, you can use the Filters on the left size of the website to narrow down your search further.

*None of our full wigs come with clips sewn into them, but you can purchase the clips and sew them in yourself, or we have an option to sew them in for you. Our Top Pieces DO come with clips in them.

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Medical Hair Loss Solutions

Hair is the public face of everyone that we come into contact with. One may feel discouraged, lack self-confidence, and lack self-esteem because of their appearance, especially when faced with hair loss.

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Wig Sizes

Wig Dimensions


Wig Sizes

Wig Sizes

Godiva's Secret Wigs offers many different sized wigs. Learn how to determine ...

VIDEOS: Wig Tips & Tricks

Learn all Godiva's Secret Wigs best tips and tricks for wig wear & care, ...

How to Make a Wig Smaller

Do you have the perfect wig, but wish you could adjust it to make it smaller? ...