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Five Easy to Wear Wigs

We’re looking back at a video Danielle and Rochelle made showcasing five of our favorite wigs. While this video may be from a decade ago, these wigs are still loved by thousands of women around the globe.

In this video, Danielle explains each of the wigs and their colors while Rochelle models for us. Remember, wigs are available in more than just the color showcased on Rochelle’s head!


At Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we pride ourselves on creating wigs that last a lifetime when cared for properly. We understand that women have many reasons for seeking out modern and realistic wigs. Whether it’s to change up your love life in the bedroom or discovering wigs for hair loss, we are sure you will find a wig that fits your style and taste.

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Peggy with Roots in Honey Wheat-R

Peggy_R_Nutmeg-R__85631.1575888791.1280.1280When you need a wig that is light as a cloud on your head while making heads turn, the Peggy modern short wig with roots is perfect! The long bangs can be used to create a fun face frame or trimmed to your exact length.

Honey Wheat-R is a gorgeous light brown color. The top perfectly catches the light to showcase healthy, glossy hair. This short wig is also also available in non-rooted colors.


Sassy Mono with Roots in Irish Spice-R

The Sassy Mono with Roots is a monofilament short wig. This means that the crown of the wig offers a realistic look.

Unlike other wigs, monofilament wigs (or mono wigs for short) allow you to see your scalp from the top of the wig. With her scalp visible, no one would be able to tell Rochelle had a wig on in the first place!

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Vicki_R_cr_toffee_R__37612.1582275211.1280.1280The Sassy Mono short wig is not currently available on our website, but we do offer an incredibly similar wig! The Vicki Mono with Roots medium modern wig in Maple Sugar-R offers a beautiful light auburn color with subtle golden highlights. It also has the same realistic wig style as the Sassy Mono!

If you are looking for a wig in this exact Irish Spice-R color, you can use the search tool on our website to find all of the wigs available in this sexy redhead color.


Tiffany in Butter Pecan

Tiffany_Med_Wig_clatte__92206.1575888607.1280.1280Tiffany is a modern pageboy medium wig. If you aren’t sure what a pageboy hairstyle is, don’t fret! It is simply a bluntly cut shoulder length style.  A fun, edgy layered back is a great surprise on this wig!

While no longer available in Butter Pecan, the Tiffany wig features a large variety of gorgeous blonds, including rooted colors.


Marina with Roots in Coffee Latte-R

Marina_Champ__79697.1575889079.1280.1280This lightweight, conservative realistic medium wig is perfect for everyday wear or a night on the town. Marina with Roots offers a subtle side bang that can be swept behind the ear, left untouched, or trimmed to your perfect length. We often hear that our customers own this exact wig in multiple colors, which makes it a crowd favorite!

Coffee Latte is a sexy deep brunette. With light and subtle highlights, a caramel color peaks through in the shadowy brown in just the right lights. This medium wig is also available in non-rooted colors.


Rochelle with Roots in Maple Sugar-R

Rochelle_Root_Long_Wig_But_Pecan__73644.1575888043.1280.1280The Rochelle with Roots is a fun, flirty modern long wig with flowing layers. Anytime you turn your head, a soft layer will offer a little shimmy and movement that keeps your hair looking perfect at all angles.

This long wig showcases your wild and free side. You can wear this wig with sunglasses, a hat, scarf, or any other accessories you prefer.

This longer wig is showcased in Maple Sugar-R. This light brunette color is just the right shade between sandy blonde and caramel brunette. This wig is available in non-rooted colors.


Order One Of These 5 Stylish & Modern Wigs Now!

These timeless wigs are available in a range of styles because we believe every woman should look and feel her best when she looks in the mirror. While one woman may love short wigs, another may want a shaggy fun look. We proudly cater to all women and each of their unique tastes.

Whether this is your first time shopping for a wig or your twentieth, the entire customer support team is available for assistance. We can help you find the style and color of your new modern wig, provide directions for customizing your wig, and even go over care instructions.

Remember, we’re HAIR to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us today at 877-567-9447.

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