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Four Best Hair Pieces for Women's Thinning Hair

Over the years, Rochelle, like many other women, has experienced hair loss around her hairline. Because of this, we want to show you our four best solutions for thinning hair if you don't want to wear a full wig. Take a look at four different top pieces that are perfect for thin hair or if you just want to add some extra hair.


We have many different options, including a medium length top piece, wavy top piece, long top piece and monofilament long top piece. These hair pieces are extremely versatile and easy to wear. They are perfect for when your hair starts receding near the temples or thinning out.

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Four Best Hair Pieces For Women's Thinning Hair
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At Godiva's Secret Wigs, we know that there are a lot of women out there right now who don't like their hair. One solution women often choose is to wear a hat, but we often find that just doesn't complete who we want to be.

Over 20 years ago when Rochelle started the company, her hair was full - it was amazing, it was thick. Watching our videos, we know some of you are saying "oh, your hair looks great it's still thick." However, we all have our own story about what our hair looks like and this is not the hair Rochelle knew.

Rochelle wore wigs for fun 20 years ago, but now getting older comes with its own challenges. We just want to tell you that we recognize this fact and that it can be upsetting. Rochelle is noticing that her hair is receding and on each side, it's thinner than it's ever been.

Rochelle of course still wants to look pretty and look good for her husband as well as look good in her career. 

In light of this, we want to share with you hair pieces that Rochelle is wearing now almost every day; we think you might really enjoy them.


Mono Medium Top

The first hair piece we want to show you is called a Mono Medium Top.

In the video, Rochelle is wearing the Mono Medium Top in Spring Honey.

Mono Medium Top in Ginger BrownMono (which stands for monofilament) means the hairs are placed hair by hair. The piece also has four metal clips, they're very easy to put on.

If you view the video, Rochelle demonstrates exactly how the clips work.

Each clip has a small piece of rubber and opens and closes. The clips should be placed at the top center of your hairline; this is where most women still have the thickest amount of hair even if your hair is thinning.

Rochelle always thinks of a specific client when she is recommending hair pieces. This client that comes to mind had pictures taken of her she came into our store 20 years ago. Her hair was very thin and you could see her scalp. We put a medium top on her and it immediately changed her life.

If you take a look at the video, Rochelle demonstrates how to properly wear a hair piece. You can see in the video that the mono top hair piece is see through - this allows it to look similar to a scalp when it's on your head.

Rochelle shows that the Mono Medium top is shorter than her own hair when it is clipped in. The clips tend to sit at your temples, but if your hair is thinning in that area, you can adjust it for security.

Once the hair piece is adjusted, you can brush it out and style it however you want. Even if your hair is longer than the top piece, as Rochelle's is in the video, it can still add depth and a layered look to your hair. You could also consider a long top piece, which is discussed further in this article.

Top pieces also allow you to wear your hair back into a ponytail but with a little extra height from the additional hair. Rochelle demonstrates how this would look in the video above.

The Mono Medium Top is a great option, but if you want a little more height you would choose what's called a Medium Top instead. Many women can wear a variety of shades and still have it naturally blend with their hair. If you have questions about what color would work best for you, reach out to our corporate office and let us help!


Wavy Top

The next piece shown in the video is the Wavy Top. Rochelle is wearing the Wavy Top w/ Roots in the color Creamy Toffee-R.

The Wavy Top is machine teased at the root so it is going to give you a little more height as opposed to the mono top which is a Wavy Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee-Rlittle flatter. The machine teased hair pieces will always keep that tease and we love them for that additional volume.

All of our Wavy Tops are one length, but you could always cut it a bit shorter to match your own hair length. The color demonstrated in the video is Creamy Toffee-R.

The "R" means it is rooted and this rooting is one of the reasons why clients love Godiva Secret Wigs. The rooted colors look so natural and have the added bonus of allowing you a natural way to cover up root growth or grays before you can make it to the hair salon.

Rochelle demonstrates again in the video how simple it is to add these hair pieces to your own hair and how secure they stay with the built-in clips. The Wavy Top is especially suited for hair textures that have a bit of curl or wave to them and it blends in nicely while giving you additional height and volume.

Top Pieces can also be styled with your own hair. Rochelle shows a great little style you can do by mixing your own hair with the Wavy Top piece and twisting and clipping. This gives you even more variety to create your own styles and hairdos while still having that extra height and volume from the top piece


Long Top

The Long Top is Rochelle's go-to hair piece. The top shown in the video is the Long Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee-R.

Long Top in Dark ChocolateThe Long Top is also machine teased at the root and can feature rooted or non-rooted colors. The Long Top is a bit smoother than the Wavy Top and fits best right behind your bangs or where your bangs would sit if you don't have them.

Rochelle demonstrates some ways to make the hair piece fit correctly if you do not have bangs. She suggests clipping in the front and leaving the back unclipped while pulling up the sides and then pushing it up for additional height. You could then pull some pieces around your face and style it for a natural look with extra height.

Other styles you could do with the Long Top include ponytails, chignons, and twists. The possibilities are endless and we love seeing your creative styles, so make sure to share a photo with us of your amazing hairstyle!

If you've never worn a wig or hair piece, we know what you're going through! Our clients are wearing wigs and pieces for travel, for convenience, to look good in their career, for business photos, and more!

Many of our clients are realtors and they keep wigs or hair pieces in their car or in their purse so if they need to see a client right away they're just putting it on and looking fantastic. How you choose to wear wigs or top pieces is up to you, but our clients have found that our wigs and top pieces really up their game and complete their look.


Mono Long Top

The final hair piece we show in the video is the Mono Long Top. In the video, Rochelle is wearing the Mono Long Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee-R.

This piece is also a longer top piece, as well as being monofilament, which means you can slightly see through the piece resembling a scalp.Mono Long Top in Expresso

The Mono Long Top is a bit flatter than the last two long tops, due to it not having machine teased roots. This creates a smoother, sleeker hairdo.

As Rochelle switches into this last piece for the video, she also does a nice demonstration on how to remove a top piece. To remove it, you simply unclip the metal clips and then roll the piece back and slide it back down.

Doing it this way means it never gets caught in your hair. When you're not wearing your hair piece, make sure to close the clips to keep it in good shape.

One thing to note with a Mono Long Top is that due to it's smooth and sleek nature, you'll want to make sure to straighten or smooth your actual hair beforehand so it blends well with the smooth hair piece.


Choosing the Right Piece for You

Any hair piece or wig is going to give you a lift; we promise you're going to love it! We offer many colors and modern styles for you, your daughters, your mothers, or your grandmother's.

One of the best ways to learn more about choosing the right wig or hair piece for you is to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We post a new video each week, and many feature different wigs, top pieces and colors so you can see what they look like on a real person.

You can also subscribe to our mailing list on our website so you'll know about any promos. Once you're on our website, you can then scroll to the bottom and you can put your email address in.  We will never share your email address!

We also would love your comments on our YouTube videos - be sure to let us know what videos you want to see! We know what you're going through, we know what you want to look like and that you want to feel beautiful and we are "hair" to help you!

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