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Grey Lace Front Wigs

Rochelle and Danielle are the mother-daughter team owners of Godiva's Secret Wigs. In this video, we're showing you our lace front wigs that come in gray colors. Rochelle is modeling the wigs and Danielle is going all-natural this time around.

Grey Lace Front Wigs

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Abigail LF in Silver Mink

The first wig Rochelle is putting on is the Abigail LF in Silver Mink. This beautiful wig has longer strands in the front, and it'll be shorter in the back. Now, with every LF (lace front) wig, there's a little piece of lace in the front.

With many companies, you have to trim that lace.  However, you don't have to trim the lace on Godiva's Secret lace front wigs because it's already at the perfect length. These lovely lace front wigs give the illusion of a hairline so that you can't see where the wig starts and your hairline ends.

It looks like a realistic hairline, so it's no problem if you don't wear bangs and you want to wear it up and back. We do have many different lace front styles, as well. But in this video, we're just showing you four of the styles that come in beautiful grey colors.

The Abigail LF (lace front) in Silver Mink is a sexy medium-length wig. She's longer in the front and has tons of gorgeous layers on the sides and in the back. Abigail LF is a super lightweight natural style with plenty of color options. Silver Mink is a blend of silver-grey and an extra, almost white, light grey.

Diana LF in Frosted Taupe

Ro Dani DianaRochelle says when she puts on a lace front wig, she starts low and slides it slowly right up to her hairline, so the lace is just barely below the natural line of the hair. You don't want the lace to go back too far because then you'll see your hair and ruin the illusion.

The Diana LF is a long, gorgeous wig. And because of her length, there's so much you can do with her. For instance, like in the video, you can use an acrylic claw clip and put some of the hair up, while pulling wispy pieces to make it look natural. Sunglasses are a great way to pull that hair back as well.

Diana is a long enough wig, so you can really play with her and experiment. You can put your hair behind your ears or put a little ponytail in the back. There are so many things you can do with any of our shoulder-length or longer wigs.

The Diana LF wig comes in lots of gorgeous colors, including greys. Our Frosted Taupe is a blend of very light brown and soft grey.

Mia LF in Silver Stone

Next is our Mia LF, and the color she's in is Silver Stone. There's a lighter grey in the front, and you'll have a more silver color in the back. In the video, Rochelle gives the wig a little shake and lets it land where it wants to, naturally.

Here's the thing, when you wear a wig, you don't have to wear it parted or styled like your natural hair. It's okay to have fun with it and be spontaneous. Let the wig bring out some personality.

With the Mia, you might want to leave it where it wants to be after you give it a shake. On the other hand, you can punk it up with a little spritz of water or use your fingers to give it a little lift. It's really fun and important to play so you can get used to and feel confident wearing your wig.

Sasha Mono in Silver Stone

Sasha comes in a combo monofilament and lace front. The hair is put in one at a time at the crown on a monofilament wig. This construction gives the illusion of your scalp showing through like it does naturally. So when you make a part on the top, you'll see it actually looks like your scalp.

Then add that lace front hairline, and Sasha is such a realistic-looking wig. We also have lots of different wigs like this with both a monofilament and lace front.

Sasha is a beautiful pageboy cut wig. She's a classic style but with some slight feathering around the face. You can also see in the video what beautiful movement you get from this wig.

Here, Rochelle is wearing Sasha in Silver Stone. Any wig you purchase in Silver Stone will be lighter in the front and a little deeper in the back.


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Lace front wigs are ideal and extremely popular because they appear to have a natural hairline in front. These gorgeous wigs are perfect for women who don't particularly want to wear bangs or who want to pull their hair back and wear it more off their face.

You can purchase a color swatch if you want to take a peek at any of our greys before you order your Godiva's Secret wig.

We carry a line of the lightest, most realistic wigs and hairpieces you've seen. Whether you're searching for a wig for career, travel, romance, or because of hair loss, you'll find the wig that fits at Godiva's Secret. You can shop online today or get in touch if you have any questions.


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