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Wig Basics - How to Brush and Add Fullness to Your Synthetic Wig

Is your wig feeling flat? Are you unsure of how to brush your wig? We show you exactly how to brush and add fullness to your short and long wigs. The suggested wire brush as well as the Hot Air Brush are all available on our website.

Wig Basics: How to Brush and Add Fullness to Your Synthetic Wig


This video features Danielle from Godiva’s Secret Wigs talking about how to brush your wig.

Sometimes throughout your day, you'll find that your wig is becoming flat, and that isn't the style you're going for.  You may be unconsciously patting it down during the day, and this tends to make it lay flatter and makes it appear more "wig-like" and less natural.

To avoid this, you should take your wire brush and hold the front of the wig.  The wig shown in the video is the Peggy Short Wig.  While you're holding the wig, brush it up and back while kind of wiggling the brush a little, just to really get in there. As Danielle demonstrates in the video, you'll see how this brush technique just fills it up completely and gives you that fluff for a natural looking wig.


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You can see in the video how much different it looks after brushing. It does not look like a wig any more, so it's really important to just get in there at the roots and brush the opposite way that you're used to going. 

Danielle then shows the brush technique on a long wig, the Candice Long Wig. Customers don't need to be afraid to get in at the root because that's what's going to really fluff it up and give you a very natural looking wig.

This will give you that fullness that you're missing, which could happen from wearing it over time or from subconsciously just patting it down.


Tips for Brushing a Wig


  • Start at the bottom very gently, like you would do with your own hair and work your way up.
  • It's really important with long wigs to you make sure that you're brushing the ends and the underneath out every time after you take the wig off and you've been wearing it.
  • Brush especially the underneath part and the bottoms because this is what gets tangled from wearing it.


Other Wig Accessories for Brushing Your Wig


The other great product to use for hair care for wigs is using our hot airbrush. If your wigs are starting to feel frizzy or dry, the hot airbrush also works to help give it lift at the top.


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Using these techniques to brush your wig at the top will help to keep it full and looking natural. If you'd like to learn more about our wig, our styles, or tips on how to choose a wig, reach out to our friendly customer service team!

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