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How to Choose a Wig When Going Through Chemo

Answer to "HELP! Going through CHEMO, lots of questions, how to choose a wig?

Consider these topics for choosing a wig (in no particular order): 
1. The time of year - is the weather going to be more hot or more cold?
We want you to be comfortable and not frustrated if you're perspiring more/cold more. Although our wigs have open wefts so your scalp can breathe, the weather may be worth considering when choosing a length. Also remember that we're walking in our A/C offices, homes, malls, and cars if the weather is hot outside, so most clients forget about the weather temps and choose what they love!
2. What is your comfort level regarding looking somewhat different - like a different length or color?
If you're "known" for a certain hairstyle, is this the time to wear a similar or different length?  You're looking for "Options" and it's your choice to stay close to your current style or try something else.
3. Our wigs are light, comfortable and so pretty!
They can truly be the high point of your chemo /hair loss experience. If you want or need the emotional lift of a new hair style at this time, a fantastic new wig can be uplifting and even fun! And, since our wigs are all wash and wear, they dry back to the style you purchased! No heat or styling needed!
See all of our wigs!
4. Consider the magic of wigs being that you have the freedom to choose exactly how you want to look each day!
Most of our clients with a hair challenge choose to create a "Wig Wardrobe," meaning that you can have wonderful wig/alternative hair choices each day by choosing how you want to look with a selection of wigs/pieces/hats with hair, and our Danielle bangs. Especially during emotional low points, remember that a little lipstick and blush with a great looking wig can lift your spirits and that's a big plus!  
5. After chemo, it typically takes 9 to 12 months for your own hair to come back to a style you're happy with.
The best idea during this time is to give yourself choices - wigs can be the highlight of some days! Own at least 2 wigs, consider Freedom and Taylor - easy to wear, different styles. Thousands of women opt to continue wearing their wigs afterwards since our wigs are so convenient and always look great!
6. Stop focusing on what others think about you wearing a wig.
This is the time for your family and friends to rally around you and make sure YOU feel happy and confident with your choices in wigs! Stand strong in your choices and trust yourself! We also have videos that teach you how to ask for the support of others as you learn to wear your wigs with confidence and pride.
7. If someone asks "Is that a wig you're wearing?"
Say, "Yes! I love it! Tomorrow you may see me in a different color and style!" Others will LOVE your honesty and  openness! 
8. If you're binge watching our 450+ wig videos on our YouTube channel, Godiva's Secret Wigs, and a particular wig style gives you a little giggle inside, this is your clue to seriously consider that style.
Maybe it's the color that inspires you; go for it!  Our "Danielle Bangs" are another great option to be worn under any scarf/turban/hat for running errands, when friends visit, or anytime at all. It's having options during this time that will help you feel empowered each day!

Watch our YouTube videos here!

9. YOU make your rules and set your own boundaries during this time in your life.
If something feels good and makes you happy, go for it! Learn to say "no, not today" if you feel obligated when you're asked to do something you don't want to do. Remember that fear is an emotion; you can learn to feel it, express it and move forward. YOU create yourself and set the tone for who you will be in your experience.  
10. Our amazing wigs and accessories during your chemo experience can be your best friends!
Our return policy is as simple as possible - so try what interests you without worry.
Remember that we are "hair" to help you! 
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