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How to Make a Wig Smaller

Whether you are a first time wig wearer or a seasoned pro, from time to time you will need to adjust your wig to perfectly fit your head. Even the best wigs can be too large for some individuals. Fortunately, learning how to make a wig smaller is a simple skill that takes virtually no time to master. 

How to Make a Wig Smaller
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In this video, Danielle from Godiva’s Secret Wigs teaches you exactly how to make a wig smaller so it fits your head in all of the right places. You may be lucky to find that you only need to use the adjustment straps. However, if that isn’t enough, a simple cut and sew will help you create the right size wig for your head. 

As you watch the video, you can see how simple it is to adjust your wig. It doesn’t matter if you have a wig for hair loss or simply want to switch up your look. You can create the right size wig every time. This boosts your confidence and will make you feel fabulous with your new look. 


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Use The High Quality Wig Adjustment Straps

As mentioned in the video, your wig will have adjustment straps on the sides that can be used to make small changes to the size of the wig. To access these straps, simply turn the wig inside out and look at the sides. These straps look like a bra strap and work in a similar manner to make your wig smaller:

  1. Simply hold the strap from the middle of the strap and pull the bottom. 
  2. Try on the wig to see how it feels. 
  3. If necessary, pull from the bottom of the strap more to make the wig tighter. 

An optional final step with this incredibly easy method of wig adjusting is to sew the elastic in place. This prevents the strap from becoming loose over time. A simple sewing job is all that is needed to fully secure your newly sized wig. 

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Remove Wefts To Create The Best Natural Looking Wigs

If your wig still doesn’t feel right after using the adjustment straps, it is time to break out the scissors, needle and thread. It is important to remember that you will want to start with less than you think you need with this method. You can always remove more wefts if you feel like you still are unhappy with the size of your wig. 

  • While wearing your wig, pinch the back and feel how much extra material is present. 
  • Keep holding the extra material on your modern wig as you remove it from your head. 
  • Turn the wig inside out and count how many wefts you are holding. The wefts are the horizontal lines of hair inside the wig. 

If you count you need five wefts removed, consider removing three at first. Otherwise, you may make your wig too small.

Some individuals will need more wefts removed and others will need less. If you feel like you need to repeat steps one through three, do so now before you bring out the scissors. 

  • One you know how many wefts you need removed, count from the outside to inside to find the center of the wig. 

This is a crucial step to ensure your wig is still even. Once you identify the center, take a deep breath and grab your scissors. 

  • On the center weft, count down from the top of the wig the number of wefts you will remove. In the video, Danielle wanted to remove three. Therefore, she cut just underneath the third weft. 
  • On the adjacent wefts, count down from the top and remove one less number of wefts that the total number you wish to remove. Following the video, Danielle removed two wefts from the left thick band and the right thick band. 
  • Continuing removing one less weft from the adjacent bands. In Danielle’s example, she only needed to remove one more weft from each of the outermost bands. 

Please refer to the video again for further clarity, if necessary.

Now, you need to address the top of the wefts and the remaining areas they are attached on the wig.

  • Carefully cut each of the wefts from the very top. 
  • Lift the wefts and see where they are still attached. You will want to cut each of the points they are still connected to on your wig.
  • Remove the wefts you have cut out from the wig. 
  • Tuck the hair back into place and align each of the wefts together. 

At this point, you can put the scissors to the side. You are nearly complete with making your wig perfectly sized for your head! Now, you simply need to sew it into place. 

  • Begin sewing at the top from either the left side or the right side of the wig. Be sure to tie a knot so your thread does not slip out.
  • Continue sewing all the way across the wig. Remember to sew once in the middle of wefts and twice on thick bands. Always tie a knot on the bands. 
  • Finish off your newly sewn wig with a double knot at the end for extra security. 

That is all it takes to perfectly fit the wig to your head! You now know two of the best techniques for how to make a wig smaller. 

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