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How to Put a Wig On

Putting on a wig doesn't have to be hard! Take a look at our simple steps to putting on a wig fast and easy. You'll be a professional in no time!

How to Put a Wig on Fast & Easy


  1. If you have hair, put it in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Whether you have hair or not, you may prefer to put a Wig Grip Band or a Wig Cap on too.
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  2. Locate the back of the wig, where the tag is.
  3. Hold the wig with both hands, one on each side of the tag.
  4. Place the front of the wig at your eyebrows and pull the wig all the way over your head. (Setting it at your eyebrows will keep it from slipping back.)
  5. As you pull the wig down, use your thumbs to tuck your own hair or ponytail under the wig.
  6. Flip your head over and slide the front of the wig back until you reach your hairline. (It is important to take it all the way to the hairline; otherwise it looks like you don't have a forehead.)
  7. Run your fingers along the sides of the wigs and find the two hard ear tabs; they are generally near your temples. Make sure that these ear tabs are even; this is how you know that your wig is on straight.
  8. Once the wig is at your hair line, tabs are even and the wig is pulled down in the back, you're done. Now it's time to play!

TIP: If you find that the wig is too tight or too loose, take it off and adjust the elastic or Velcro tabs at the back of the wig, near the tag.

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