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How to Secure Your Wig

Feeling secure in your wig is an important part of being comfortable and feeling sexy in any wig you wear! Take a look at our tips below to make sure your wig is secure on your head.

Q: What are the different ways to make the wig stay on better?

A: We sell a Wig Grip Band, Mesh Wig Cap, Nylon Wig Cap, Metal Wig Clips, Wig Glue and Double-Sided Tape to wear under our wigs. Most women wear a Wig Grip Band, a wig cap or nothing at all.

For women with hair, the metal clips are great for added security. For women who don’t have hair, the tape and glue are great as well! However, our Wig Grip Band is what most clients choose for added security.  


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Q: Do you recommend sewing in the metal clips? Do the wigs come with clips?
A: The wigs do not come with clips in them, but we do sell the clips individually for $2 each. We will sew them in for you for $5 each, which includes the clip.


Q: If I have the clips sewn in, do I have to always use them?
A: Even if you have the clips in your wig, you don’t always have to use them. You can completely shut the clips and not use them at all, or you can keep the clips open and not shut them, which makes them act like a comb.


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Q: I cut the elastic adjustment tabs off; can I get new ones?
A: Did you cut off the plastic piece that the adjustment tabs go through, or just the elastic? If you just cut off the elastic, you can mail it to us and we can sew a new piece on or we can mail you the elastic to do it yourself. The extra elastic is $10 per pair and an additional $10 per pair if you want us to sew them back on for you. If you cut off the plastic piece, there is nothing we can do.


Q: If I don’t wear a wig cap, will the wig still look natural?
A: You definitely do not have to wear a wig cap underneath. Just make sure you tuck any of your own hair into the wig and it will look completely natural!


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Q: Can I get my long hair in a wig?
A: The easiest way is to either put your hair in a low bun and then tuck it into the bottom of the wig OR you can put all of your hair into a nylon wig cap. If your hair is extremely long or thick, you can put it in a French braid, or divide it in half and do two French braid pig tails. This will make the hair lay flat and evenly around the head.

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How to Sew Clips into Your Wig and Secure Your Wig


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