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How to Store Your Wigs

Hello and thank you women all over the world! You are loving Godiva’s Secret Wigs and that is amazing. We've received questions about wig storage, so today we're going to address how to store your wigs. We will take you through all the different ways that we have stored them and give examples of all the ways that work.

12 Ways to Store Your Wigs
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So let's start with when you first receive your wig; it's normally inside out. This protects the fibers and that's why we keep them inside out. After you've worn your wig and had a great day with lots of compliments, you are now home. What do you do with your wig?

First, if it was knotted or you got a little wild, brush it out and then turn it back inside out again. Then you will want to store it in any kind of a container.


1. Put your wig in a plastic bag and put it in a container

The first container shown in the video above does not have a lid and you don't want the wig getting dusty in a container without a lid. The way you can handle that is put your wig in a plastic bag and then in the container.


2. Use a shoebox

Another storage option that we really love are shoeboxes. You can see in the video that Rochelle has her favorite Freedom Medium Wig in her shoebox. 

Rochelle also loves to put the name on the box and some of you out there love to decorate your wig boxes.

(Shown is Rochelle's box for her Freedom Medium Wig. That's also what Rochelle is wearing in the video in the color Nutmeg F).

See the Freedom w/ Roots Wig

So as you can see, shoe boxes are great for wig storage - shoeboxes, cardboard shoe boxes, plastic shoeboxes - anything with a cover and you are good to go.

One of the important things to remember is if an area is too hot for you to be in (example, we're not going to put you in a hot trunk), you are not going to put a high quality beautiful synthetic wig there either. It's not good for it and it will really dry out the fibers and you won't be happy.

The wigs do not like intense heat, but when it's 105 degrees out Rochelle wears her wigs by dampening her hair and putting the wig on over it. She makes sure her hair is towel dried and not soaking wet when she does that. But if you can stand the heat, so can the wig so just keep that in mind.


3. Use a pretty box with a lid

Now, some of you want decorative pretty little boxes. These boxes have a great cover, the wig is protected from the dust and are great idea also. Normally, Rochelle keeps her wigs in the closet and drawers in her closet in a sweater box under the bed.


4. Plastic storage containers work great for multiple wigs

The above video shows a great craft box that Rochelle loves, she puts a lot of crafts in the box and it is airtight.

The video shows a wavy hair piece in the box but if Rochelle was to put a wavy wig in, it's highly recommended to turn it inside out and then you could even stack eight or ten wigs. This box is a great go-to box that was purchased at Michael's.

Some of you are a part of our 20 and 30 wig club!  It used to be women wear one wig for life and they wouldn't switch, but not anymore.  Our clients switch around all the time with different lengths and colors and have a good time at it!

Boxes like the ones shown are great to keep many wigs in. You can see one side has lighter wigs and the other darker wigs or you could have short wigs, medium wigs, and long wigs.

You can do anything you want to organize your wigs. This is a great box; it's protected by the top and it works wonderful as you're growing your wig wardrobe.

5. Make your own vase head out of items from the Dollar Store

So now we're going to talk about getting a little creative with wig heads and how you're going to store your wig. So let's say that you have styled your Katie Medium Wig; you've hair sprayed and teased it, it's perfect.

See the Katie Medium Wig

In that case, you don't want to turn it inside out and put it in a box right away. You want to keep it to the style that you created or maybe you watched how to make punky looking wigs and if you have put hair spray and styled it you want to keep it on something.

The video above shows an example Rochelle personally loves because she made it and got everything at the dollar store. It costs under $3 and it is a glass vase with a plastic bottom. If you're interested in learning how to create these, let us know so we can do another video on how it's made.

As you can see in the video, the wig fits perfectly. The wig shown is a short wig in grey; however, let's say you have a long wig and want to make the stand a little bit longer.

All you have to do (one more dollar ladies) is glue an additional glass bowl on top. Rochelle loves to have it as a secret compartment for her ponytails, clips, bobby pins, and other wig accessories to secure it. Then once that's glued on then there's more length for the wig.

So, you could have some of your long wigs on the stand and it's really fun to get creative. Rochelle also shows another little one she made, just with some little flowers underneath. It's a kick when you have nothing to do.


6. A champagne bottle is perfect to rest your wig on

Rochelle explains that she walked around the house to see what she could use for a wig stand. Well, guess what - she found a big huge bottle of champagne and you're gonna laugh about that but if you need something it works great!

Rochelle also shares that her sister has been wearing wigs for decades and she puts her wig at the end of the day on a lampshade.

That works great too for her so there's no rules. Mainly, if you can fold it inside out, put it somewhere where it won't get dusty.


7. So is an oatmeal container

If you're wearing a wig every day or it's styled then here's a cute little surprise - Quaker Oats!

So you can decorate that box, you could put wrapping paper, you could decoupage it, you could do whatever you want, it's fun!


8. A wig hanger is perfect for drying your wig after you wash it, hanging it in your closet and traveling. We sell this item on our website and in our store

So those are wig stands, now let's talk about wig hangers. There's a few different things Rochelle shows and she loves them all.

Godiva’s Secret Wigs sells wig hangers - they are phenomenal and used to let your wig air dry after washing.

Shop Wig Hangers

You've washed your wig and you're going to simply clip it on the bottom of the wig and you put it in your shower to dry. It's a breeze and in the morning your wig is dry. You brush it, you put it on and go.

This clip is also great for travel so you can take it with you, take your wig off at the end of the day and there you've got a great place to hang your wig.


9. A folding wig stand is perfect for setting your wig on after you've worn it. We sell this item on our website and in our store

The folding wig stand comes apart and folds up, so great for travel and great for a wet wig because it will air dry. You just put it on the stand and the wig sits right on top and is another great option.


10. An over the door hook rack is perfect for hanging multiple wigs

You can find an over the door hook rack at the dollar store. Rochelle uses it to hang her clip ponytail, her Danielle Bang on a Headband, and more. You can also hang turbans or whatever else you like. This hangs at the top of a door and if you have a really long wig, you can just hook it on and hang it and perfect place.


11 & 12. Styrofoam heads are a classic way to store your wigs when you aren't wearing them and a hanging shoe organizer is another wonderful way to store your wigs

Two items not shown in the video are styrofoam heads and also the shoe caddies that hang in your closet. Those are both great ways to keep your wigs beautifully stored and have a little fun at the same time.

If you have a great ways that you are hanging and showing off your wigs send your pictures to us at info@godivassecretwigs.com.

We'd love to see and when you share we can share better with clients all over the worl

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