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How To Thin Out A Modern Wig

Far too often, those who are wearing wigs for the first time do not feel like they have found a modern wig that truly fits their head. Sometimes, it can be as simple as adjusting the size of the wig to fit your head. Other times, the wig itself simply needs to be thinned out to create the exact look you desire.

We understand that those who are suffering from hair loss, aging, lack of confidence, and any other feeling or reason do not want to wear a wig that does not fit their style or taste.

At Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we support our customers throughout their wig wearing journey. We are more than willing to provide advice and teach you how to thin out your wig or perform other maintenance that extends the longevity of your wig. In this video, Danielle provides simple instructions that anyone can follow to thin out a modern wig.

How to Thin Out a Wig
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Danielle and the rest of the team here at Godiva’s Secret Wigs want you to feel confident, sexy, and proud every time you leave your home. A simple wig thinning can be the very task you need to complete to feel like your best self.


Why Do Realistic Wigs Need To Be Thinned Out?

Modern realistic wigs do not need to be thinned out for any reason other than preference. All of the wigs at Godiva’s Secret Wigs are ready to be worn the moment they arrive at your home.

However, some individuals will prefer to have their top, middle, or bottom areas of their wig thinned out to create a look that makes them feel their absolute best.

Wigs are always able to be customized to the look you desire. So, if you want to thin out one of our wigs, you certainly can! However, it is not required in order to wear the wig out on the town.


The Best Way To Thin Out Your Modern Wig

Grab your thinning shears, some time, and patience when you are ready to thin out your modern, sexy wig.

Whether you have never done this before or are looking to perfect your wig thinning method, these tried and true three steps will help you thin out any wig to create the perfect look.   Before cutting, be 100% positive that you are using thinning shears, NOT regular scissors.

  1. Move the top layer of hair out of the way. You do not want to cut this section. Otherwise, you will wind up thinning it out and creating unsightly spikes.

  2. Work from the top sections to the bottom. When ready, pull out one quarter inch of hair and let your thinning shears do the work. Always cut from the base of the hair.

  3. Once you are satisfied with your wig, decide if you want to thin the bang area or not. If you do, move the top layer of bangs out of the way and then work on thinning out the bottom length of your bangs.

Thinning wigs from Godiva’s Secret Wigs could not be simpler! These three steps may take you only a few minutes, or a bit longer if you're new to this.

Outside of acquiring high quality, sharp thinning shears, the only other thing you must find is patience. This is not a process that should ever be rushed. If you do rush, you will wind up with uneven cuts in your hair that do not allow you to show off your sexy new self.

Remember this: less is more. You can always go back and thin certain sections of your hair that still seem too thick. However, you can’t attach more hair to your wig. Always be patient and take your time.

If necessary, come back to the wig the next day and see if you still feel like you need to thin it out more. Sometimes, a good night’s rest can be the difference between over thinning your wig or finding out you already have the perfect look!


Our Customer Support Team Is Here For You!

When you order wigs from other companies, you may find you are on your own after the order is complete. Here at Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we operate a little differently.

From the moment you interact with our customer service team about a pre-purchase question to years down the road when you are looking to thin out your wig to create a new look, we are here for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have bought one wig or hundreds from us. We treat you with the respect you deserve because we want you to feel like your best self.

We know that buying a wig can be an emotional and therapeutic experience. Whatever reason has led you to purchasing a wig, we will be your support team through the whole process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-567-9447 if you have questions about thinning out your new or old realistic wigs. Remember, we’re HAIR to help!


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