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How to Trim Pageboy Bangs on a Wig

We brought Marianne back for this video with two pageboy wigs that she wanted to buy. The Sabrina wig has bangs that need a trim to fit her comfortably and Marianne wants to cut bangs into the Marina wig with roots. Rochelle shares tons of tips along the way, starting with how to trim the bangs on the Sabrina Wig in Coffee Latte.


Trim Your Bangs 

Before trimming, make sure the wig is on your head straight and sitting at your hairline. 

Decide how thick of a bang you want. It's good to start wispy. If you have a wig like Sabrina with tapered points, make sure they're even before you trim. 

Trim small notches at a time and work your way up. Remember, this hair won't grow back. Rochelle starts in the middle and goes from there. 

Don't pull the hair outward when you cut. Instead, pull it gently downward. 

As you trim, check to see if the hairs are still in your eyes. If it is, trim a little more. You can always go shorter, but you can't go longer. 


Cut New Bangs 

Next, Rochelle demonstrates how to cut a bang when one doesn't already exist, using the Marina w/ Roots Wig in Chocolate Frost-R. 

She always starts with wispy pieces. Rochelle says it's best to trim the bangs longer than you think you want. Start in the middle and work your way up. 

Next, use our 1" Hot Air Brush to roll the hair under and round the bangs slightly. You want to keep the hot air brush moving. The hot air trains the bangs and makes them a little more rounded before you continue to trim.  

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Finally, you can give the wig a tease and use Godiva's Secret "Keep It There" Low Alcohol Hair Spray to train the hairs away from your eyes. This hairspray has a low alcohol content. So spritz it and let it dry. The most important thing to remember is that you don't want to cut your bangs too short. 

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