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How to Use a Top Piece to Hide All of Your Hair

In this video, Rochelle shows you two different ways to use a Top Piece without showing any of your own hair. She models the looks using four different top pieces, including the Wavy Top, the Taylor Top, the Long Top with Roots, and the Mono Wavy Top with Roots.

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Put Your Hair Up

First, pull all of your hair back and put it into a bun. If you want extra height, pull that bun up as high as you want. Also, remember you should put your clothes on before styling your hair so you don't have to worry about messing it up by pulling a top over your head. And, by the way, we have over 400 videos and tutorials you can use as inspiration for cute ways to wear our toppers and wigs. Subscribe to Godiva's Secret Wigs on YouTube, so you never miss anything.

Wavy Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee

Wavy Top with RootsOur top pieces have four clips with rubber grippers. Now, for these looks, Rochelle is only clipping the top two clips on the top piece. She starts with the Wavy Top, opening the two top clips. Then she flips the piece over to lie on top of her head and slips the clips into her hairline.

Rochelle says to keep in mind if you work it too much, the piece will start to look phony. She uses her fingers to style the front, around her face first. Then, she gathers the hair in the back, twists it, and clips it. Perfect for a hot day. These top pieces are easy to work with and incredibly comfortable too.

At Godiva's Secret Wigs, we create our wigs to be easy to wear and look great.


Taylor Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee

Taylor Top thumbNext, Rochelle pops on the Taylor Top, right at the hairline. You can hear the snap as the clips close. She uses the same technique as with the Wavy Top. But Taylor is straight, so Rochelle hides the ends underneath before clipping the back. Keep in mind that you will need enough hair at the hairline to secure those clips. It's also fun to wear your sunglasses on top. The most important thing to remember is to play with the look and have some fun.


Long Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee

Long Top Silver Stone collageFor look number three, Rochelle is doing a half-up. She takes her hair from the top, pulls it into a ponytail, and creates a small bun leaving the rest of her hair down. This beautiful Long Top with roots goes on the same as the previous two tops. Once Rochelle gets the clips in place on the hairline, she plays with it a little, finger-brushing the Long Top around her face. She puts a few strands behind her ears because she wants to leave these pieces long.

Then she gathers her hair and the Long Top in the back, twisting the hair and topper slowly upwards. Now, she says, you can clip it there and leave it. Or you can hide the ends inside and clip it or use bobby pins. Another option is to forget about the bun. Leave the little ponytail in the back, with the rest of your hair down, clip the back clips, and twist the whole thing up. Use a cute clip or bobby pins to hold it all in place.


Mono Wavy Top w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee

Mono Wavy Top dk choc before afterThe Mono Wavy top is gorgeous. It features individually installed strands of hair, giving it the appearance of having a scalp underneath. It isn't teased at the crown, so you won't get as much fullness as the other toppers, making it an excellent choice for flatter looks. You still want to line it right up at the hairline.

Rochelle says she doesn't really care which side it's parted on as long as it looks and feels natural. For this look, she uses the toppers' front and back clips. After that, she grabs the back into a ponytail, pulling a few pieces around her face. Rochelle likes to wear it slightly messy, so it looks more natural.

In the back, she takes the ponytail, starts low, and twists upward. She tucks the extra hair inside and uses little sparkly clips down the side and one big one to hold it in place.


Top it Off with Godiva's Secret Wigs

Finally, always take a minute to look in the mirror from the front, sides, and back. You can wear scarves or pull a few extra pieces out for a romantic look.

Do you love it? Let us know! Reach out to our friendly customer service team with any questions you have about our wigs!

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