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How to Wear a Medium Top Hair Piece

Sometimes, a full wig isn’t necessary to create the sexy, voluminous look you seek. In this video, our lovely model Tricia will show us just how easy it is for a medium top hairpiece to give just the right amount of height to her crown area.

Medium Top Hair Piece Gives Height to Crown


With a medium top hair piece, the possibilities for how it can be worn are endless! They are incredibly lightweight, which is important for those who have thin hair.

This hair piece also has a sister product known as the long top hair piece. It provides the same benefits of the medium top, but it offers a much longer length for you to play with.


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Medium Top Hairpiece In Action

You may be wondering how a medium top hairpiece works. Fortunately, it is as easy as 1-2-3-4! This hair piece only requires four clips to be placed and clipped on the head in order to secure the top piece to the hair.

mono_medium_top_before_after__05401.1575887635.1280.1280Two clips are in the front and two are in the back. Once secured, these clips will stay in place. Even on the thinnest hair, these clips will not move until they are released at the end of the day.

Since this is a medium top hair piece, it can be placed exactly where it needs to be on the head to achieve the desired look. Some customers wear it closer to their hairline and others wear it further back on their hair. The beautiful thing about this is the hairpiece is very lightweight and incredibly easy to use!


What Does a Medium or Long Top Do For My Hair?

A medium top hairpiece is meant to do one thing: add volume in the exact area you need it! However, this hair piece can also be used to cover up your roots. Many of our customers have two of the exact same top hairpieces. They use one for everyday wear and the other for dressy occasions.Long_Top_Before_After__92516.1575887138.1280.1280-1

This top piece provides you the freedom to show off your natural hair to the world without wondering if your natural hair is too thin. It boosts your confidence in your everyday life, when taking pictures, and at events.

If you are worried about trying to find an exact color match, there is no need too! Find a color that will blend with your natural hair or simply find a color that speaks to you and match your natural hair to your new top piece! This will give you a fun new look. The longest hair on this top piece measures eight inches. You may also other this top hairpiece in rooted colors as well as a monofilament version.


Order Your New Top Hairpiece Today!

If you are tired of looking at your thinning hair, we have the perfect solution for you. Our medium and long top hairpieces have been relied on as the best thinning hair wigs for decades.

While hair loss comes with age and health issues, it does not mean that you must look in the mirror and feel like you are not yourself. Our hairpieces and modern wigs allow you to regain your confidence and fall in love with your reflection.

We understand it can be difficult to determine exactly what wig color will look best by only looking at a computer or phone screen. That is the exact reason we have our customer service team available for you. Our team can help you decide on the color, length, and proper care for your new hair piece and wig.

Remember, we are HAIR to help before, during, and after your order has been placed. Please call us at 877-567-9447.

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