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Large Wig Styles

Wigs aren’t a one-size-fits-all accessory. Some women need a larger-than-average wig, and others need a smaller-than-average wig. In this video, Rochelle (Ro) gives viewers tips and tricks on wearing wigs, while Norma models ten different large-sized wigs, including short wigs, pageboy wigs, monofilament wigs, grey wigs, long wigs, and more. 


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If you’re not sure what cap size is right for you, Ro says a simple test that anyone can do is try on a standard-sized hat, and if it’s too tight, you’ll likely need a large-size wig. In this video, we focus on wig styles that come in large. So, if you see a wig you love, but want a different size or color, make sure to click the link and go to the wig’s page.

All of Godiva’s Secret Wigs come in various colors, from brown, blond, and red to gorgeous greys. 

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Short Wigs in Large Sizes 

Sheila_sugar_caneNorma starts by modeling the Sheila Large Wig in Ginger Brown. It’s a deep brown with a hint of red. This super short wig fits close to the back of the neck. 

Notice how Ro gives each of the wigs a shake before she puts it on Norma. That’s all you need to do with Godiva’s Secret wigs— right out of the box.  

Next, Norma tries on the Cristi Large Wig in Sandy Silver. The Cristi wig is short, with an angled bang and some volume up top. Our model looks stunning in Sandy Silver with a bright silver-white bang and smokey grey color that gets darker as it approaches the bottom of the neckline.  


Medium Length Wigs in Large Sizes 

Valerie Large Wig in Expresso is a medium-length wig that’s super easy to wear. It has a tasseled, carefree look, similar to the Freedom Wig. Expresso is a deep dark brown. Ro shows viewers how to make the Valerie wig more piecey using a spritz of water. She also suggests Godiva’s low alcohol hairspray to hold it in place. 

Freedom_Chocolate_SwirlNext up, Norma models the Freedom Large Wig w/ Roots in Mochaccino-R. Freedom is Godiva Secret’s most popular wig across the world. Mochaccino is a beautiful color with some brightness that highlights and frames the face. Freedom comes in standard and large sizes. The Freedom Wig is versatile. You can tone it down, pump it up, wear it behind your ears, or with a cute clip. You can even trim the bangs if they hang a little long for you.  

Norma switches to the Trixie Large Wig w/ Roots in Razberry Ice-R. Ro demonstrates how to finger brush the wig and style it to frame Norma’s face. Trixie is a great wig because it hits right around the neckline. It’s soft and still very casual, almost a longer version of the Freedom Wig. The Razberry Ice is a beautiful medium auburn with highlights and roots that make it look like natural hair. It’s another excellent pick for Norma. 

As Norma slips into the Tiffany Large Wig w/ Roots in Iced Mocha-R, Ro demonstrates how to give the Tiffany wig more height by giving it a little tease with a teasing brush at the top. Likewise, you can tease the sides to make them a little more rounded.  

We say the Tiffany is smooth in the front with a party in the back. As Norma takes a turn, you can see why it’s a fun look to try with all the layers.  


One Wig, Many Women 

Rochelle_Root_Long_Wig_But_PecanRo points out that she’s wearing the Rochelle wig in an average size in Silver Stone. She puts the Rochelle Large Wig w/ Roots in Almond Roca-R on Norma to illustrate how different the wig can look on different women. It depends on the color you choose, your coloring, how long your neck is, how wide your cheeks are, if your chin is pointy, and more. 

Not only that, but you can change the look of the wig by wearing it up or down, behind your ears, or with a clip. The Rochelle wig hangs beautifully as is, with subtle layers in the back. Almond Roca is a lovely natural color on Norma, with its medium brown to dark brown base and blond highlights. 


Long Wigs in Large Sizes 

Next, we’re going to look at a couple of long wigs. First up is Large Harper LF Mono Wig in Creamy Toffee-R. This long, lace front wig gives the appearance of a natural hairline. And Godiva’s Secret’s lace front wigs are ready to wear. 

The Harper features a monofilament cap which makes it lay a bit flatter. It has a long, natural-looking wave in the back. The Creamy Toffee-R is a gorgeous blond with a darker color at the roots.

Candice_choc_swirlThe last wig Norma models is the Candice Large Wig in Chocolate Swirl. While it’s not a rooted wig, Chocolate Swirl has a few striking blond highlights on a dark chocolate brown base that beings out Norma’s glamorous side. 

Godiva’s Secret large size wigs have a larger circumference and a larger cap size that can hold more hair. If you’re new to Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we have close to 400 videos on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe today to learn how fun wigs are to wear. 

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