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My Decision To Wear a Wig

Whether you are wearing a wig for travel, convenience, to give your looks a boost or because you are suffering hair loss due to medical reasons such as chemotherapy, we all want wigs that look real. If you are a  first time wig wearer, you probably have the same fear I did when I first started wearing a wig - the absolute fear everyone will KNOW!

Everyone will be able to tell, everyone will critique me, they will stare at me, and worst of all, they will judge me. We all have different reasons for wearing our wigs and whatever the reason, our reasons are valid and important to us. Do not let the fear of what "others" will think stop you from your desire or need to wear a wig.  

When it comes down to it, reality is, no one is staring at you as much as you think. In fact they are probably more worried about themselves and what's going on in their own lives. So give yourself a break and allow yourself the freedom to do what you want to do.

With that said, let me tell you the story of my very first wig, Candice. Not to take away from those going through the emotional distress of hair loss, I am very lucky to have hair. However, it doesn't have the thickness, texture, or shine it used to have. It's thin, very frizzy hair that requires too much time to maintain.  

My decision to wear a wig was the natural choice for me, even though, initially, I was embarrassed to wear my wig in public. I wore my wig only inside my house.

After a few months of this my fiance asked me, "Are you ever going to wear your wig outside of our house?"

I laughed at the fact he actually noticed what I was doing with my wig - that I was purposely not wearing it in public. After thinking about what my fiance said, I realized he was right. I was being silly. I realized I deserve to look my best and I deserve to wear a wig if it helps me feel better about myself. 

The next morning I put my wig on and went shopping with my fiance. As I walked around the store, I was nervous. I found myself thinking everyone knows I am wearing a wig, they must all know! To my skeptical surprise 3 people (who were complete strangers) commented on my hair!

They gave me compliments, telling me how great my "hair" looked! I was in complete shock. Immediately after leaving the store, I turn to my fiance and asked, "Did you pay them to compliment me?"

He laughed and said, "No, I don't know those people but I am thankful for them. I told you, you look terrific! I don't know why you're so worried.  don't think anyone can possibly tell it's a wig. And if they did know it's a wig, obviously they don't care, they love it!"

I was on cloud nine! I was so relieved! I realized that not only was no one judging me or my decision to wear a wig, they didn't even know I was wearing a wig.

From that day on I was more than confident wearing my wig and my love affair with wigs had begun! I found myself telling people it was a wig because I was so excited to have found wigs that look real!

I was eager to confess to others how convenient and easy life is with wigs, not to mention fun! Make your decision to wear a wig, your own personal decision based on how you feel. It's empowering when you have the confidence to be whoever you choose to be, and you just might be pleasantly surprised at the compliments you receive. 

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