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Our Top 20 Favorite Realistic Wigs

Shown One After Another at a Godiva's Secret Wig Party

Wigs come in so many shapes, styles, and colors that it can be hard to know what modern wig will work best for you. Fortunately, Rochelle brought over 20 wigs to show in person to a Godiva’s Secret Wig Party! In this video, she goes over the styles and colors of each wig at the party.

20 Fantastic Realistic Wigs, One After the Other


While Rochelle only has each style of wig in one color, that does not mean that it is the only color available! Below, we have outlined each of the wigs mentioned in the video. If you follow the link to the wig(s) you are interested in, you can see pictures of every color that is available for that particular modern wig!

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Without further ado, let’s review over 20 wigs and help you add the next wig to your collection.


Realistic Wigs For Beautiful Women Like You

The high-quality modern wigs you see below are presented in the same order that Rochelle showed them in the wig party. For the most part, these wigs go from shorter to longer styles.

Please remember that the color mentioned is not the only color available. Whether you want to spice things up in the bedroom as a blonde, try out a new hair color, or get ahead of the grey hair train, we have a wig for you!
Courtney Short Wig in Ginger Brown

  1. Courtney Wig in Ginger Brown: A short, feminine wig with wispy, slightly flipped ends. This wig can be worn as a soft look or made edgy with spikes.

  2. Cristi Wig in Coffee Latte: This sexy short wig offers long bangs and slick, short sides. The bangs can be trimmed to your liking on your own or trimmed by your hair stylist.

  3. Kelly Wig in Mochaccino-R: This rooted short wig offers longer sides with a cropped back. Roots help make the wig match your natural eyebrow color. The top is machine teased to add volume.

    Darma Short Wig in Spring Honey
  4. Darma Wig in Chocolate Frost-R: A fun, short, spiky wig with point-cut layers. The back is also slightly spiked to add an edgy, fresh look.

  5. Peggy Wig in Creamy Toffee-R: This soft, wispy short wig is as light as a cloud. The longer bangs can be swept to the side or trimmed.

  6. Mindy Wig in Coffee Latte: We apologize. This style has been discontinued.
    Sunset Short Wig in Marble Brown
  7. Sunset Wig in Creamy Toffee: A soft, tousled layered short wig that is incredibly lightweight. Many customers describe this wig as airy. The lift at the crown also helps to slim down the shape of your face!

  8. Andrea Wig in Creamy Blond: This is a smooth, layered bob medium wig. The sides are angled to add a fun, fresh touch.

  9. Carly Wig in Ginger Brown: An absolutely classic chin length bob modern medium wig with no height on top. This is an incredible natural looking wig that looks amazing with earrings.
    Freedom Medium Wig in Chocolate Swirl
  10. Freedom Wig in Nutmeg-F: This realistic medium wig offers wispy layers and goes just to the neckline. The crown of the wig is volumized. It can be worn messy or combed down.

  11. Harmony Wig in Iced Mocha: If you want a hassle-free wig, the Harmony is the modern medium wig for you! This shoulder length wig offers a few wispy layers and soft bangs.

  12. Selma Wig in Silver Stone: If you want an extremely light short wig with a clean, tapered back and longer, wispy bangs, you're going to fall in love with our Selma wig! This wig features long, wispy bangs. The back is clean and tapered, and the wig is incredibly lightweight.
    Katie Medium Wig in Chestnut
  13. Katie Wig in Nutmeg-F: A thinner, medium length wig that is perfect for first time wig wearers. The wig features layered and textured edges to add dimension to the hair.
  14. Marina Wig in Creamy Toffee-R: This conservative medium wig is a staple! It can be worn to casual or formal events. The subtle side bang can also be trimmed into a full bang.

  15. Nina Wig in Creamy Blond: This medium wig makes it look like you just visited the salon. The front looks softly blow dried while the back offers wavy layers.
    Sabrina Medium Wig in Irish Spice
  16. Sabrina Wig in Irish Spice: A classic asymmetrical angled bob with blunt bangs. This modern medium wig can be worn with a side part and a bit of teasing for a slightly fuller look.

  17. Tiffany Wig in Chai Cream: This sleek and trendy medium wig hugs the face perfectly. In the back, there are surprise layers that add dimension and style!

  18. Trixie Wig in Nutmeg-F: Any woman who wants a sassy look can end their search with the Trixie medium wig. This modern wig is layered with long, edged sides and feathering in the back.
    Jenna Long Wig in Cappucino
  19. Jenna Wig in Creamy Toffee-R: This wig offers a long, layered fringe that perfectly accents the face. The top can be teased to add volume or the bangs can be trimmed to change up the look.

  20. Jolie Wig in Red Pepper: We apologize. This style has been discontinued.

  21. Faye Wig in Coffee Latte: A classic long, shaggy wig. Many textured layers create a fun, sexy look that can be worn every day of the week.
    Candice Long Wig in Chocolate Swirl
  22. Candice Wig in Nutmeg-F: Find your Inner Tigress! This long wig features soft layers. The wig can be trimmed to add bangs. Despite the length of the hair, this long wig is not too heavy.

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