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Seven Beautiful Grey Pageboy Wigs

Pageboy wigs are a modern style that is perfect for new wig wearers and seasoned wig wearers alike! With its blunt straight cut and beveled edges, this short wig style looks good on everyone. We truly mean it when we say anyone can wear this style! All you need is your beautiful self and the confidence that is burning inside of you.

In our latest video, Rochelle is trying on seven of our favorite pageboy wigs in Silver Stone! Yes, we have grey wigs and they look absolutely stunning:

7 Grey Pageboy Wigs
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All of the wigs in the video are being shown in Silver Stone, which is our most popular grey color. With wispy highlights and lowlights, this grey color has an abundance of light variations as you walk around. As a friendly reminder, all of these wigs also come in blonde, brunette, red colors.

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Many of our customers fall in love with one wig style and purchase their favorite wigs in multiple colors! Whatever you desire from your wigs, you can find the products and support right here at Godiva’s Secret Wigs. Let’s dive into these pageboy wigs!


7 Silver Stone Grey Pageboy Wigs For All Ages

Every age group looks stunning in a pageboy wig. Young women to women over 60 and beyond can incorporate the pageboy style into their daily look or have this wig make its way into the bedroom.

These seven pageboy wigs in Silver Stone are fun to have in your collection of wigs. They are also a wonderful choice for someone who is looking to purchase their first wig.

If any of these wig styles are available in a shade of gray other than Silver Stone, it has been noted in the description below:

Carly Medium WigCarly: Carly is the perfect medium wig to wear every day.
The classic cut and flat top make this wig easy to dress up or down. Carly looks fantastic with some hair behind your ears, as well.  Carly is also available in Sandy Silver.

Ann (Mono): Ann is similar to Carly, but she has a monofilament top. For those who have a classic chin length bob with a shorter neckline, Ann is the perfect short wig for you.

Andrea Medium Wig

Andrea: Andrea is a very modern version of the previous two wigs. She is smooth, yet features light layers. Her angled sides are perfect for keeping next to your face or pushing behind your ear. Andrea is also available in sandy silver, a deeper gray.

Alana: Alana is incredibly elegant and features longer bangs. They can be left as is or cut to the length of your choosing. Alana’s lightweight makes this medium wig comfortable for extended all day and all night wear. She is also available in Frosted Taupe, Silver Mink and White.

Beth (Mono): Beth features a monofilament top and a razor cut, which gives her a shaggier look while remaining natural and fun. This wig does feature wispy fringe, but it is incredibly easy to cut bangs that fit your taste. Beth feels light and airy during wear.

Sasha Silver StoneSasha (LF Mono): Sasha is the perfect definition of a carefree pageboy wig! You do not need to do anything except put her on and head out the door. The LF next to her name indicates this is a lace front wig. This creates the most realistic hairline of all the wigs in this list. However, the lace should be treated with care to avoid tearing strands out.

Vicki (Mono): Vicki is the final pageboy on this list, but she is modern and unforgettable. The angled bob and side swept fringe creates fun, bouncy movement. Those who want a little more out of Vicki can also check out Sabrina for an edgier version

Half of the wigs in this list featured Mono next to their name. This stands for monofilament, which means the wig contains a see-through material in the cap. By having this see-through material, it creates a natural looking scalp.

Additionally, all monofilament wigs have the hair strands individually tied into the wig to create the most natural look. While all of Godiva’s Secret Wigs are already incredibly realistic, wigs that feature monofilament and/or lace front make it even harder to tell you are wearing a wig!

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Our Wig Experts Are Ready To Assist You

All of our pageboy wigs look amazing and feel incredible. Many are lightweight, which makes them a joy to wear throughout your day or night!  You can have confidence every time you put on your Godiva’s Secret Wig that it will look and feel natural.

You can call or message us with confidence and have peace of mind that we want to help you feel the best you possibly can in our products. Our customer service team is ready and available to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call 877-567-9447.

We’re HAIR to help!

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