Wig Reviews and Photos From Clients

Unsure about getting a wig or top piece? Afraid it won't look real or feel comfortable?  Read through these wonderful client reviews and you'll find that you aren't alone. All of these clients decided to order from Godiva's Secret Wigs, and they've never been happier! Try one and see for yourself! Who knows, we might be publishing  your review next!  

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My Decision To Wear a Wig

Whether you are wearing a wig for travel, convenience, to give your looks a boost or because you are suffering hair loss due to medical reasons such as chemotherapy, we all want wigs that look real. If you are a  first time wig wearer, you probably have the same fear I did when I first started wearing a wig - the absolute fear everyone will KNOW!

Everyone will be able to tell, everyone will critique me, they will stare at me, and worst of all, they will judge me. We all have different reasons for wearing our wigs and whatever the reason, our reasons are valid and important to us. Do not let the fear of what "others" will think stop you from your desire or need to wear a wig.  

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