Grey Lace Front Wigs

Rochelle and Danielle are the mother-daughter team owners of Godiva's Secret Wigs. In this video, we're showing you our lace front wigs that come in gray colors. Rochelle is modeling the wigs and Danielle is going all-natural this time around.

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Top Six Grey Hair Pieces

Danielle and Rochelle (Dani and Ro) are the mother-daughter owners of Godiva's Secret Wigs. We're excited to show you six of our top hairpieces that come in grey and white. Rochelle is modeling the tops, and Danielle is wearing our Taylor Wig in Silver Stone.

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Twelve Popular Short Grey Wigs

Rochelle and Danielle are the mother-daughter team at Godiva's Secret. In this video, we're highlighting 12 of our short wig styles that come in various shades of gray. What's more, we haven't trimmed or altered any of our examples.

In other words, we're showing them to you just like you would get them out of the box.

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Wig Styles: Taylor Wig

In this video, Danielle is modeling the Taylor wig in Chocolate Swirl. Taylor is a beautiful, modern, straight style. It has a bang that's long enough to brush to the side. Of course, you can also easily give those bangs a trim.

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Wig Styles: Kelly

Here, we're modeling our Kelly wig in Java Frost. Kelly has a short, sassy style with a long feel. She has longer pieces on one side, with slightly shorter strands on the other side. This is an adorable edgy short style.

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Wig Styles: Nina Wig

In this video, Danielle is modeling the Nina wig in Ginger Brown. Nina has a soft curl, similar to our Sunset wig, but is a little bit longer. And she has a bit more thickness at the crown and on the sides.

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Top 15 Blond Wigs and Wig Styles

While it’s up for debate if blonds really do have more fun, wearing a modern blond wig in your home or out and about is a grand time regardless. A short or long blond wig can change your entire sense of confidence for the day. The color helps more light shine onto your face, which instantly creates a healthier glow on your skin. If you aren’t sure what blond wigs or modern wig styles are right for you, check out our video below. All 15 of our top styles are worn right before your eyes to showcase the fun, sexy, and chic blond wigs available.

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8 Popular Wig Styles & Wig Colors We Don't Feature Enough

Godiva’s Secret Wigs has long provided a range of wigs for women who are looking for convenience, suffering from hair loss, those who are transgender and many other reasons. However, we have such a wide product range that we have a hard time showing you everything we have to offer! Our website is perfectly organized into several categories that feature our wigs, but today we wanted to show you some of our popular wigs and colors on camera that we simply don’t show enough. See the video below!

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Wig Styles: Cristi Short Wig

When many people think of wigs, they think of long locks in blonde or rainbow colors. While these serve their place in certain situations, they are not always practical for everyday use. Fortunately, plenty of beautiful, modern short wig styles are available from Godiva’s Secret Wigs. We have the largest selection of natural looking wigs for first time wig wearers and seasoned professionals alike. In our latest video, we go over our most popular short wig: Cristi.

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Seven Beautiful Grey Pageboy Wigs

Pageboy wigs are a modern style that is perfect for new wig wearers and seasoned wig wearers alike! With its blunt straight cut and beveled edges, this short wig style looks good on everyone. We truly mean it when we say anyone can wear this style! All you need is your beautiful self and the confidence that is burning inside of you.

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Wig Styles: The Candice Wig

If you already wear wigs often or want to begin doing so, you deserve natural looking wigs that will boost your confidence. The last thing you need is to feel like everyone can tell you are wearing a wig. Many of our customers are alopecia patients, transgender, or suffering from hair loss. We understand that hair is such an important factor in feeling confident, beautiful, and sexy. This is the very reason we have the Candice Wig. Watch the video below to see Danielle model it in action.

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Top 10 Bob and Pageboy Wigs

Bob wigs and pageboy wigs are incredibly fun styles that can be dressed up for a night on the town or worn casually for everyday wear. If you are new to this shorter hairstyle or new to wigs in general, take a moment to learn about our top 10 pageboy and bob wigs. Danielle tries all of them on in the video below!

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