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Wig Cap Constructions

This page will show you the inside of the 6 different wig cap constructions we carry and the benefits of each one.

Machine-Teased Wig Cap ConstructionMachine-Teased Wig Cap Construction

This is our most popular type of wig cap construction and the most affordable. The wefts of hair are sewn onto the cap and then the crown area is machine-teased to give height and fullness.

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Wig Dimensions

Below are the dimensions for our wigs and hair pieces, listed in alphabetical order.

Please note that all measurements are estimated and may be up to ¼” longer or shorter, and .5 ounce heavier or lighter. Also, the length and weight are the same for regular and rooted colors.

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Wig Colors

Below you will find videos and photos of each color we carry. Use these tools to help you choose the perfect colors for your wigs or top pieces. Scroll down the page or click on a specific color group to go directly to that selection of colors.

In some styles, color blends may vary slightly. On the product page of many of our wigs and pieces, you will find individual color photos as well.

In addition, you can purchase individual Color Swatches or a full Color Ring.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us Toll Free at 877-567-9447. We're always "hair" to help!

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Our Modern Medium Length Wig - Katie

The Wig Experts at Godiva's Secret Wigs wanted to share with you one of our most popular medium length wigs, it's our Katie wig.  Katie has a wispy bang and is a layered style with a flip at the ends which makes for a very feminine wig. You can trim up the bangs if needed. She's elegant, stylish, and the most charming cut for an evening out or for an everyday style to wear during your work week. Once you put on Katie, you will feel like you just stepped out of the salon with a new look! 

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