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Top 10 Bob and Pageboy Wigs

Bob wigs and pageboy wigs are incredibly fun styles that can be dressed up for a night on the town or worn casually for everyday wear. If you are new to this shorter hairstyle or new to wigs in general, take a moment to learn about our top 10 pageboy and bob wigs. Danielle tries all of them on in the video below!

Top 10 Bob and Pageboy Wigs
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If you are looking for wigs to boost your confidence, you cannot go wrong with any wig style from Godiva’s Secret Wigs. All of our wigs are made of high-quality synthetic hair that looks natural. You can adjust the wigs to perfectly fit your head and even have your hairstylists make a few changes to perfect the look.


10 Best Short Wigs: Bob & Pageboy

Bob wigs and pageboy wigs are fun for all ages. These natural looking wigs are perfect for anyone who wants to take on a shorter hairstyle. Whether you're looking for wigs for your career, for confidence, for hair loss, for women over 50, or for any other reason, you are sure to find one right here.

Please note that each of these wigs is listed with the color that Danielle wore in the above video. However, all of our wigs come in a range of beautifully blended colors. Whether you want silver, blond, brunette, red, or dark hair, we have a wig in the color you desire. Furthermore, some of our wigs are available in rooted colors. Those who want to wear a lighter hair color will find these rooted colors match their eyebrows. Rooted wigs create a beautiful, natural appearance.

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  1. Carly Wig in Cappuccino: This medium wig is the classic, chin length bob! There is no height on top. For a fun and casual look, simply sweep the hair behind your ear.

  2. Ann Mono Wig in Mochaccino: Similar to Carly, Ann is a classic bob short wig. The main difference is the edged neckline in the back, which adds a fun detail to your look.  Also, Ann is  a monofilament wig, which means that no matter where you part it, you will have the appearance of a natural scalp!

  3. Andrea Wig in Coffee Latte: This modern medium wig features a soft layered look with a bit of machine teasing at the top. The sides are angled, which helps to bring out your cheekbones!

  4. Sabrina Wig in Chocolate Frost: If you are looking for an asymmetrical bob with blunt bangs, look no further than this medium wig! The back is a tad shorter than the front. Try a side part for an extra fun look.

  5. Alana Wig in Marble Brown-H: This elegant bob is one of the best medium wigs for career women. The long sweeping bangs are very chic. Better still, Alana is lightweight, which is perfect for all day wear!

  6. Beth Mono Wig in Silver Stone: If you want a natural looking cut, the Beth medium wig is perfect! This is a razor cut bob that features light, wispy fringe. Your hairstylist can easily create a thicker bang if you want.

  7. Sasha Mono Wig in Champagne-R: This carefree medium-length pageboy wig is great for everyday wear! She features a lace front and monofilament top that create an undetectable wig style!  

  8. Vicki Mono Wig in Creamy Toffee-R: This modern medium wig is fun and sexy! Between the angled bob cut, swept fringe, and cropped back, you will turn heads everywhere you go.

  9. Marina Wig in Maple Sugar-R: This gentle page medium wig is smooth as silk. If you desire a conservative day-to-day look, Marina is for you!

  10. Tiffany Wig in Razberry Ice: If you want a modern medium wig with a surprise back, you need Tiffany! This wig features framing around the face and beautiful layers in the back.

When you read through the list, you may have noticed some wigs had the word “mono” in them. This stands for monofilament, which is a type of wig made of see-through material. This creates a natural scalp that sits flat on the head. There is no machine teasing on monofilament wigs. Each of the hairs at the crown is individually hand tied to create the most natural looking wig possible!

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