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Top 12 Grey Wigs in Sandy Silver

Grey wigs are popular for many reasons. Our mature customers often find they want to try out different styles without changing their natural hair. Others are impatient because their hair is slowly changing to grey and they won’t want to wait. Some of our customers are also young and want to try out the grey hair trend before they put their hair through a tedious bleaching process. Whatever the reason, we have compiled our top 12 grey wigs:


All of these wigs are shown in the color Sandy Silver. This is a medium brown with grey tones and lighter grey around the face. Some wigs may have lighter grey to highlight the wig itself. At Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality grey wigs on the market!

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12 Sandy Silver Grey Wigs For Everyone!

Grey hair is beautiful on everyone. Regardless of your reason for wanting to sport some silver locks, we are sure you will find a grey wig that fits your unique beauty and energy.

  • Sheila Short WigSheila: This razor cut pixie short wig is perfect for those who want to look fun and chic. Sheila is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day! She is also available in petite and large wig sizes.

  • Courtney: This is an amazing short wig for those who want to sport a spiky look. This lightweight short wig packs a personality punch. Everyone will be staring at your feminine, punky energy!

  • Selma: Selma is a soft, feminine short wig with a tapered back and wispy bangs. The crown is lightly teased to offer some height, which instantly slims your face!

  • Peggy Short WigPeggy: If you want a short wig that is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing a wig, order Peggy. This lightweight wig features a longer bang and light, soft layers. The bangs can easily be trimmed to prevent them from blocking your view!

  • Cristi: When you need a daily or once-in-a-while sexy, sophisticated short wig, Cristi is your woman. The long bangs are meant to be trimmed to fit your exact face. You can also keep them long for a flirty style. Cristi is also available in a large cap size, as well as just the top, called the Cristi Top.  

  • Large Valerie: This is a larger wig that is meant to fit those with heads about 23” in circumference. This is roughly 1.5” larger than an average medium wig. With her fun layers, you can keep them soft or style them to create a fun, sexy look!

  • Kelly Short WigKelly: This is the perfect short wig for tucking some hair behind your ears and showing off your earrings. This sexy wig features a short back, long sides, and a teased crown. Kelly slims your face and enhances your sensual energy!

  • Carly: If you want a chin length medium bob that will retain that classic look no matter the decade, look no further than Carly. This casual - yet sexy - medium wig can be styled up or down.

  • Andrea: This layered bob medium wig features angled sides. It is a modern take on a classic bob, which can be sexy or cute, depending on how you style it. Pair Andrea with a beautiful set of earrings and tuck the sides behind your ears for a polished look.

  • Freedom Medium WigFreedom: Freedom is our #1 selling wig! This wig is incredibly voluminous with several wispy layers. The hair in the back tickles the neck. Freedom is most certainly one of our most versatile wigs! Freedom is another wig that is available in a standard size, and a large cap size as well.

  • Ava: If you want a longer grey wig, Ava is the perfect length. She is a medium length wig with a few loose curls and minimal layering. She is perfect for all ages and skin tones!

  • Katie: Katie medium wig packs a lot of personality with her! She is layered and has a great longer bang that can be worn to the side or easily trimmed and worn down.  She can be trimmed to fit your desired length. If you want to turn heads, order Katie!

In addition to Sandy Silver, we have several varieties of gray colors in most of our wigs. You can decide between a true gray color or even a whiter, lighter gray.

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Compare Your Favorite Wigs On Our Website

At Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we make it as simple as 1-2-3 to compare wigs you are interested in!

  1. First, hover over an item you are interested in and click the pink “compare” button.
  2. Next, find another item you are interested in and also click the "compare" button.
  3. Third, look toward the top of the screen at the “compare” circle button. By clicking on that button, a black box will pop up and you compare your wigs together. You can compare up to four wigs at one time.

Once you know what wig you want, you can easily order from our website. If you are stuck between two options, order them both! We are sure you will love whatever wig you choose because our wigs are the highest quality on the market!

If you need a wig for hair loss, convenience, or for any other reason, our selection will not disappoint. We have short wigs and long wigs that are sure to fit your taste and style. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team or call us at 877-567-9447. Remember, we’re HAIR to help!

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