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Top 14 Grey Wigs and Grey Hair Pieces

In this article, we will talk about 14 of our top grey color wigs, as well as some of the hair pieces and top pieces we carry in grey and white!

Top 14 Grey Wigs and Grey Hair Pieces
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In the video above, Rochelle and Danielle, the owners of Godiva's Secret Wigs, show you their top 14 grey wigs!  These are available on their website and in their retail store.


1. Sheila

The first wig Rochelle is wearing in the video is the Sheila Short Wig in Midnight Pearl. You can see in the video how to style it, Rochelle just gives it a shake and puts it on. She then uses her fingers to give the wig a bit of style and brush it away from her face.

The Sheila Short Wig is very cute - it has a little wispy bang and you can also punk it up by giving it a little more fullness on the top. You can also use your fingers to flatten it for a more sleek style.


2. Darma Wig

The next wig Rochelle shows is the Darma Short Wig. Remember, if your wigs have been sitting folded, always give it a shake before you put it on to spruce it back to life.

The Darma Short Wig is shown in Silver Stone. This wig is meant to have fullness at the top and be kind of spiky. If you love fullness and natural looking wigs, Darma is a great, short wig for you.

The color shown in the video, Silver Stone, is our most popular grey color. You can see it has a lighter, almost white grey in the front and then a beautiful silver in the back, which actually gets a little darker as it goes into the nape.

To style the Darma, you could spritz a bit of water on your wig as a light mist, then put a little Godiva's Secret Low-Alcohol Hairspray on your fingers. Piece the wig up with your hands for a punky or more separated look.

For a more conservative style, you can use your fingers to smooth and bring the wig back down.


3. Selma

The next wig demonstrated is the Selma Short Wig in White. This is a beautiful, natural white color. It's not your costume wig white; this is for a woman who wants white hair.

The Selma Short Wig can be styled using your fingers. If you see any weft coming through, your natural hair color might be too dark to wear the White shade, but if your natural hair is a lighter color, you will not see anything.


4. Cristi

The next wig shown in the video is the Cristi wig. The video demonstrates how to brush your wig with our wire brush. The technique shown is to simply hold the front of the wig and brush the opposite direction the hair is laying, just to break it up a bit. You'll also notice we give the wigs a quick shake before putting them on just to bring them back to life.

In the video, the Cristi Wig is shown in the color Silver Stone. This color again, is our most popular grey color.

We also carry the Cristi in a Top Piece - this is actually just the top of our Cristi wig so you can clip it into your own hair and style it.

You can see in the video that we style this wig by using our fingers to just bring it away from the face for a really natural look. We recommend against combing downwards unless you really want a flat wig look.


5. Abigail

The next wig shown in the video is the Abigail Wig in the color Silver Mink. This wig is lace front, which means in the front it actually looks like your hairline.

Lace front wigs are ideal for wigs that will be worn more off of your face or without any sort of bang.

The Silver Mink color is similar to the Silver Stone color, but it has a hint of lighter brown in it.

The Abigail Wig has a long front and then more of a layered back which makes it great for all ages.

We also recommend using a wig grip band; this is worn under your wig and is perfect for keeping your wigs in place!  The wig grip band is available in petite, average and large sizes and in blond, brown, black and grey.  

Also, we recommend taking a look at the product pages for each of these wigs. Most of them have client reviews and some have photos of our clients wearing their wigs so you can get a good idea of what they look like in real life.


6. Freedom

The next wig is our number one selling wig! The Freedom Wig is shown in the video in the Silver Stone color.

This wig is amazing because she is very versatile. You can make her fluffier or you could use your hands to pat her down and tuck behind your ears.

The Freedom Wig can be styled by using our low-alcohol hairspray on your fingers and roughing it up just a bit to give it a punky look as well. 

This wig is also available in a Large size in all colors including the grey options.


7. Nina

The next wig shown in the video is the Nina Wig in Silver Stone. This wig is a little bit of a curlier style than some of the previous wigs shown.

A tip we often give clients when purchasing a new wig is that you may want to trim just a little of the hair to make sure it's not in your eyes.

We have many clients who love the Nina wig because there are so many styling options to give you tons of fullness and volume.


8. Alana

The next wig shown in the video is the Alana Wig in Frosted Taupe. The Frosted Taupe color is a light brown mixed with grey. This creates a really natural look that is different from some of the other greys demonstrated in the video.

The Alana Wig is a wonderful pageboy style - she's not super thick but she has great movement. Make sure to give her a little shake before putting it on to add fullness to the style.


9. Sasha

The next wig shown is the Sasha Wig in Silver Stone. This wig is another page boy style. However, the Sasha is a monofilament wig, which means each hair is sewn in one at a time to give the appearance of scalp on the inside as well as a lace front.

You can see in the video when Rochelle puts the wig on, the lace front gives the appearance of a hairline and when it's parted, you can see it actually looks like your scalp.

Another feature of monofilament wigs like the Sasha is there is no machine teasing, so the wigs lay closer to your head. You can always style it by teasing it yourself, you could have some bangs gently trimmed into the wig, or any other style you want!


10. Katie

The next wig shown in the video is the Katie Wig. Katie is a medium length wig and she is shown in the video in the color Sandy Silver.

Sandy Silver is similar to Silver Stone in the way of it having that light grey in the front. However, the Sandy Silver is a dark brown mixed with grey throughout the rest of the wig. You can see in the video it has a lot more brown in it with the brown going all throughout the back and sides and even getting a bit darker at the nape.

The Katie Wig is a really cute, great wig. Many women love this wig because of it's effortless, messy style. You can use your fingers to fluff it up or tuck it behind your ears and you're good to go!

One tip we like to give our clients is to make sure when you're styling with your fingers, they're freshly washed. Clean hands that are free of grease, makeup, or other contaminants will keep your wigs cleaner longer.


11. Rochelle

The next wig shown in the video is the Rochelle wig in the color Silver Stone. The Rochelle is a beautiful, long, wavy wig. If you're looking for a grey wig with some wave, the Rochelle is the one for you.

You can style the Rochelle by making bangs or pulling up the sides and leaving some wispy pieces around your face. You could also style her with a low ponytail or a half ponytail.

This wig is a little more elegant and could also be dressed up with some clips or a fancy style.


12. Diana

The next wig shown is called the Diana Wig. The Diana wig is lace-front and is shown in the video in the color Frosted Taupe. As a reminder, lace-front wigs mean you cannot see where the hairline is.

One tip we have for wearing a wig is to make sure the wig is at your hairline. If you place it too low, it will look unnatural. Make sure when you are putting your wig on, you slowly bring it right up to your natural hairline and stop where it looks most natural on you.

When worn correctly, the Diana Wig is a beautiful, natural looking option. The Diana comes in a good assortment of grey colors as well as regular colors like blondes, browns, and reds.

To style the Diana, you can clip it up on the sides or in the back. We recommend playing around with it to see what style best suites you.


13. Taylor

The next wig shown is the Taylor in Silver Stone. The Taylor Wig is the longest wig that we offer in a grey color. She also has a bit of a longer bang. You could push it to the side or trim it to fit your face.

To style the Taylor Wig, as Rochelle shows in the video, we love to create a smooth look by brushing it down gently. This will give you a smooth and beautiful look with longer, natural looking grey hair.


14. Large Valerie

The next wig shown is the Large Valerie in Sandy Silver. If you are looking for a large grey wig, we also offer the Freedom wig in a large size. 

The Large Valerie has lots of great layering throughout the wig. To style the Large Valerie, we recommend either fluffing it up with your fingers for a more voluminous look or patting it down for a smoother, flatter style.

As a reminder, all the wigs shown in our videos have not been altered in any way - we don't use hairspray or trim them, so what you see in the video is how you would receive them.


Grey Hair Pieces

The next items shown in the video are our grey hair pieces and top pieces. These items are a great option if you want a bit of additional height or volume added to your natural hair and are not wanting to wear a full wig


Mono Long Top

The first hair piece shown is the Monofilament Long Top. Rochelle models the color Silver Stone in the video. With the top pieces, you want to make sure they blend with your natural hair color since they are meant to be an addition to your own beautiful hair.

To wear this hair piece, you'll want to unclip the four clips and hold the top. You'll then flip it over, place it right at your hairline, and snap it into place. After it's clipped in, you can adjust it for a natural look and style.

The Mono Long Top comes in all of our regular colors. It also comes in some great rooted colors as well as some other greys like Silver Stone and White.

You can also style this top piece by clipping it up or trimming the bangs to fit your face.


Medium Top

The next top piece shown is the Medium Top. The Medium top is shown in the color Silver Stone. This hair piece is not monofilament and is all machine teased. This gives it a bit more fullness on the top. It is shorter in length than the Long Top, so if you have shorter hair, this is a great option for you.

You can also take this top piece to your hair dresser and have them trim it up to blend nicely with your own natural hair.


Danielle Bangs

The last piece shown in the video is the Danielle Bang in the color Sandy Silver. This hair piece is bangs on a headband and they're meant to be worn with a hat, a head scarf, or a turban.

We offer the Danielle Bang in a variety of colors including two grey colors and white. You can see in the video that this hair piece looks great when worn with a turban. This is ideal for anyone who has suffered from hair loss due to chemo or any other reason. If you're just running out and don't want to wear a full wig, just place the Danielle Bang under a head covering and you're good to go!


All of our top fourteen grey wigs and hair pieces are found on our website as well as in our retail store. If you have questions about styles, colors, or anything else, please reach out to our friendly customer service team! We are here to help make sure you have the right wig, color, and style to make you feel like your best self!


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