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Top 15 Blond Wigs and Wig Styles

While it’s up for debate if blonds really do have more fun, wearing a modern blond wig in your home or out and about is a grand time regardless. A short or long blond wig can change your entire sense of confidence for the day. The color helps more light shine onto your face, which instantly creates a healthier glow on your skin. If you aren’t sure what blond wigs or modern wig styles are right for you, check out our video below. All 15 of our top styles are worn right before your eyes to showcase the fun, sexy, and chic blond wigs available.


Now that you know what each of the wigs looks like on an individual, you can start to decide which styles fit your style. We’ve also described each of the wigs below and highlighted their best features.

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Blond Wigs For Every Person

Blond wigs are fun for everyone. This hair color can suit so many skin tones because of the range of pigments the color reflects. Whether you want to go for a white blond platinum look or ease into the warm sandy blond colors available, you are sure to find a natural looking wig from Godiva’s Secret Wigs that suits you.

  1. Tiffany Medium WigTiffany in Iced Mocha-R: For a modern page wig, Tiffany certainly delivers a fun surprise! The back features fun layers that are sleek and trendy. The medium wig looks great with the hair tucked behind one or both ears. Tiffany is also available in non-rooted colors. Tiffany is also available in a large cap size.  

  2. Cristi in Chocolate Frost: Sophistication and sexy are perfectly combined in this modern short wig. The bangs are long, which provides your hairstylist plenty of hair to work with to trim the bangs to your exact face shape. This color shows that blondes come in all sorts of ranges, including a darker base with bright highlights. Cristi is also available in a large size and blond rooted colors.  The crown of Cristi is also available as a top piece, called the Cristi Top.

  3. Jenna in Butter Pecan-R: This soft medium-to-long length wig features fringing and layering throughout. You can easily tease the top layers to create extra volume or leave the hair closer to your scalp. Jenna looks incredible and flirty when you place your sunglasses on top of your head!

  4. Liberty Medium WigLiberty in Butternut-R: When you need a voluminous medium length wig that combines the best of previous hair trends and today’s style, you need Liberty. The crown is teased high and wispy layers create a fun look. This is a lace front wig, which creates a seamless hairline and makes it look incredibly natural.  The style of this wig is similar to our #1 selling wig, Freedom. 

  5. Candice in Mochaccino-R: When you put on Candice, you will have a hard time not looking in the mirror. This sexy long blond wig is fun to wear in the bedroom or out on the town. With the length available, you can create layers, add bangs, and make as many modifications as you desire. Candice is also available in non-rootedthinthin non-rooted, and large rooted blonde wigs.

  6. Selma in Frosti Blond: If you need a realistic short wig, Selma delivers! As light as a cloud, you will forget you are even wearing a wig. The back is cleanly cut and the front features wispy bangs. The volumized crown provides a bit of height, but nothing that is considered over the top.

  7. Alana in Spring Honey-R: As far as elegant bob medium wigs go, Alana is hard to beat. Long sweeping bangs create a soft, luxurious look. Every time you wear Alana, you will look like you just came from the salon. She is also available in non-rooted blond colors.

  8. Freedom Medium WigFreedom in Nutmeg-F: Versatility is a guarantee when you wear Freedom! This short wig features a volumized crown and long wispy layers. The hair barely touches the neckline, which is perfect during hot summer days. You can keep Freedom looking naturally messy or pat it down for a cleaner look. Freedom is available in non-rootedpetitepetite rootedlarge, and large rooted blond wigs.

  9. Rochelle in Creamy Toffee-R: This shoulder length long wig is perfect for elegant events, every day visits to the office, or a night out with friends. The wig moves effortlessly with your movements because of its lightweight design. Rochelle is also available in non-rooted colors and large rooted wigs.

  10. Peggy in Sugar Cane-R: This classic short wig features lightweight layers that fit every person’s face shape. With the longer bang, you can keep it as is for a mysterious look or trim it right above your eyebrows. Peggy is also available in non-rooted colors.

  11. Kayla in Vanilla Bean-R: Soft, beachy waves are attainable every time you wear Kayla. The medium wig barely lays over your collarbone and features a few subtle layers. This wig is a lace front and partial monofilament wig, which creates the most natural hairline and natural looking appearance possible. Kayla is also available in non-rooted colors.

  12. Katie_Chestnut__52350.1575890490.1280.1280Katie in Gold Blond: If you want a lightweight, thinner medium wig, Katie is exactly what you need. This wig features an adorable layered flip that feels like a blast to the past. Pin up models can easily put this wig on and not worry about styling their hair for their photoshoot. Katie is also available in rooted blond colors.

  13. Sheila in Creamy Blond: Pixie cuts are punky and fun. Rather than committing to cutting your own hair, wear Sheila! This lightweight short wig is perfect for first time wig wearers and anyone who wants to experiment with their personal style. The wig can be spiked with Keep It There Hair Spray or brushed down to look sleek. Sheila is also available in petite and large sizes.

  14. Diana in Creamy Toast: For those who desire a no nonsense long wig they can wear everyday day, Diana is just that. The soft layers brush the collar bone and create an everyday look that can be dressed up for special occasions or left alone while normal daily activities. The lace front ensures you have the most natural looking wig possible. Diana is also available with a rooted blond color.

  15. Abigail in Champagne: This is a fun medium wig that can be worn every day or used for special occasions. Volume is Abigail’s middle name! You will have a natural looking wig that creates height on your head and looks like you just received a perfect blowout from your favorite stylists. This lace front wig creates a natural hairline, so no one will know you are wearing a wig! Abigail is also available in non-rooted colors.


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