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Top 15 Wig Styles & 15 Most Popular Colors

In the world of modern wigs, it can be easy to get lost in all of the styles and colors. This is especially trust if you are a first time wig wearer. Fear not! The entire team here at Godiva’s Secret Wigs is here to help you feel as confident and beautiful as you can every time you look in the mirror.

In this video below, we have gone over the top 15 wigs in the top 15 colors. Please remember that most of our wigs come in all of these colors and more. If you fall in love with a specific style, check out our website and see if there is a color that matches your personality.


See Our Top 15 Wig Styles & 15 Most Popular Colors


Each of our wigs are made with love and care. We want you to feel the best that you can for years to come. Whether you need wigs for hair loss, convenience, or simply to change up your look, you are bound to find a style that fits you. Please also remember that all of our wigs can be adjusted to perfectly fit your head for all day, reliable wear.

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15 Modern, Realistic Wigs For Every Woman, Including You!

We want you to feel confident, sexy, composed, and whatever other adjective  makes you feel like your best self. Below, we have compiled our top 15 wigs and showcased our top 15 hair colors. Please note that these wigs are ordered from the shortest to longest styles.

Sheila Short Wig in Sugar Cane


  1. Sheila Wig in Dark Chocolate: This razor cut pixie short wig is light and comfortable. Soft wave layers give it a fun, unique look that is captured well in photographs. This modern wig can also be spiked for an edgy look.

  2. Peggy Wig in Sugar Cane-R: This sexy realistic short wig is as light as a cloud. Soft, wispy layers are added into the style. The longer bangs can stay or be trimmed to the perfect level by your hairstylist.

  3. Cristi Wig in Mochaccino: When you need a sophisticated and sexy haircut, the Cristi short wig delivers. The long bangs add mystery to your aesthetic, but they can easily be trimmed as well.

    Kelly Short Wig in Chocolate Swirl
  4. Kelly Wig in Iced Mocha-R: This modern short wig screams fun and sexy! With rooted colors, anyone with darker eyebrows can feel confident that the wig naturally matches the eyebrows. With longer sides and a teased crown, you simply cannot go wrong with this wig!

  5. Sunset Wig in Ginger Brown: This classic hairstyle is now available on a modern short wig. The tousled layers will make you look like you just exited the salon every day you wear the wig.

  6. Freedom Wig in Nutmeg-F: This medium wig featured a voluminous crown with hair that tickles the nape of the neck. It can be worn messy or combed down for a more sophisticated look. This wig is truly versatile and a staple in any woman’s closet.
    Trixie Medium Wig in Cappucino

  7. Trixie Wig in Chocolate Swirl: When you have sass and class, you need this sexy medium wig on the top of your head. The long, edged sides and feathered back create a head turning look.

  8. Sabrina Wig in Irish Spice: This medium wig showcases an asymmetrical angled bob that is fun, trendy, and sexy. It is one of the most unique styles you can adorn on yourself and it will certainly look amazing in any pictures.

  9. Tiffany Wig in Butter Pecan: The back of this medium wig features surprised layers. Wear the longer front pieces behind one ear and have the other hug your cheek for a sexy look.

    Katie Medium Wig in Chestnut

  10. Katie Wig in Razberry Ice-R: This medium wig features breathtaking highlights in whatever color you choose! As a medium length wig, it is perfect for those who want a shoulder length look.

  11. Harmony Wig in Coffee Latte: This modern medium wig is the definition of hassle free. The bangs should be at the perfect length for your face, but they can easily be trimmed to fit.

  12. Jenna Wig in Maple Sugar-R: This long wig will make you feel like Jennifer Aniston! The top can be teased and the bangs can be trimmed to your desired length.
    Rochelle Long Wig in Ginger Brown

  13. Rochelle Wig in Almond Roca-R: This long wig features soft, effortless curls that rest on your shoulders. Plus, it features soft, beautiful layers.

  14. Faye Wig in Creamy Toffee: This long wig features a layered, shaggy cut that is the perfect modern and edgy look. You can wear it at home or take it out on the town!

  15. Candice Wig in Almond Spice-R: This is the longest of the top 15 wigs and it features the longest, sexy layers. You will feel your inner tigress roar once you have this sexy long wig on.

Remember, most of our wigs come in many colors! If you loved one style of modern wig yet preferred a color we showed on another realistic wig, we most likely have that style and color combination available.


Fall In Love With Your New Sexy Wig

Regardless of the reason you have arrived at the decision to purchase a wig, please know our entire team is here for you. We understand it can be a fun experience for those who want to change things up.

We also know how difficult it can be for a woman who has lost her hair to pick a new look. Our customer service team is available to help every woman from beginning to end of the process.

We can provide expert advice on the wig style that best fits your face before you make a purchase. When you're ready to purchase your wig, you can order through our website, or we are happy to take your order over the phone as well.  We can also provide assistance after your wig has arrived if you have any questions about customizing the fit or caring for your new modern wig.

At Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we believe in supporting our community of strong, confident women. Whatever you need, we are ready to provide. Remember, we are always HAIR to help!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-567-9447


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