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Top Six Grey Hair Pieces

Danielle and Rochelle (Dani and Ro) are the mother-daughter owners of Godiva's Secret Wigs. We're excited to show you six of our top hairpieces that come in grey and white. Rochelle is modeling the tops, and Danielle is wearing our Taylor Wig in Silver Stone.

Top Six Grey Hair Pieces

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Cristi Top in Silver Stone: How to Wear It

Cristi TopFirst, if you're new to hairpieces, let's talk about our metal clips. They have little rubber pieces on the inside, which hold securely to your hair without pulling.  This way, even if you only have a little bit of hair or thin hair, the clips aren't going to damage it.  

Also, their placement is in the front and back. In general, if your hair is thinning, you probably notice it more on the side, at first. So it's not good to have clips on the temples. Godiva's Secret clips are purposely put on the top and back so that you're clipping where you most likely have a little bit more hair.

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Next, in the video, Rochelle shows you how to put the Cristi Top on. She rocks the clips back and forth to open them up. Then she clips it right at her hairline. If you have a little bang, you can pull some forward and then clip it.

Notice, Rochelle isn't pushing the top back. Instead, she places it right at the hairline, and you can hear it when she snaps the clips. Next, place the clips in the back where you want them and snap them closed. You can see how we designed this piece to blend naturally with your hair, making it look realistic.

The Cristi Top has little wisps coming down all the way around, with fullness on the top and a little more length on the side to create the illusion of natural hair. You're not going to put this piece over long hair—unless you want to put it on and put your hair up in a bun.

When you take a piece off, you want to rock the clips to loosen them and then roll them away—no need to tug or pull.


Medium Top

Sandy Silver and Silver Stone for Medium TopThis top piece comes in beautiful rooted and non-rooted colors, including grays like the Silver Stone, shown in the video. There's also a Sandy Silver which is more of a brownish-grey. If you wear a Medium Top and don't have bangs, you can put it back a little higher and experiment.

These trendy pieces are constantly selling out. So if you go to the website and try to order one, you might get a notice that it's out of stock. But there's an area to fill in your email address to get notified when we get more.

Here's the thing. many of our clients wear pieces every day because it completes who they want to be in their world. If this is you, we suggest ordering two at a time. That way, you can put one away for dressy occasions and keep one for everyday wear.

These medium tops are great even if your hair is a little longer and has layers. On the other hand, if you don't have layers, you'll want to get a longer piece. Another option is to have your hairdresser put the piece on you and then layer your hair to work with it.

This color shown in the video is Silver Stone. Notice it's a lighter silver in the front. And it is a little bit darker, medium gray in the back.


Monofilament Long Top

Client Jennifer Before After Mono Long Top Harvest GoldIf you have longer hair, Godiva's Secret Mono Long Top is a perfect piece for you. It comes in a beautiful shade of soft natural White, as well as our Silver Stone.

But the main thing that sets the monofilament apart from other wigs and hairpieces is that each hair is individually attached. The monofilament creates the illusion of your scalp beneath your hair.

This piece has a beautiful length, but it's not super thick. It's just enough to blend and give your hair some extra fullness without looking fake.


Wavy Top

Mono Wavy Top dk choc before afterThe next piece is our Wavy Top. It comes in Silver Stone and lots of other beautiful colors. You can finger brush it to loosen up the curls and blend it into your hair or use our Curly Comb

On our website, we have before and after pictures of us wearing all these different top pieces in various colors. You can also read testimonials and see pictures of other people wearing our different top pieces and wigs. Many of our clients own 2-20 pieces.

This top has a beautiful long wave, so even if your hair is down to the middle of your back, it'll still blend. The front is a little bit shorter and smoother. If your hair is super curly, you may want to blow that front a tiny bit. You can also have your hairdresser trim it.


Danielle Bang

Dani_Sandy_SilverThis piece is bangs attached to a headband to wear under a hat, scarf, or turban. It's perfect if you're experiencing hair loss and don't want to wear a full wig all the time. Wear it when you're out running errands, going to the pool, or anytime you don't want to wear a full wig or hairpiece.

These bangs, the top pieces, and our wigs don't frizz. We also have turbans that come in all different colors. And the bangs are available in a range of color choices, from blondes, browns, and reds to White, Silver Stone and Sandy Silver.


Secret Scrunchie

Scrunchie_Before_AfterThe last item we want to show you is our new Secret Scrunchie. Rochelle shows you how easy it is to put on and wear. It's flat right out of the box, so you'll want to give it a shake.

Brush it out a little bit, maybe tease it with your fingers to fluff it up a little. Then put your hair into a messy bun (see video), place the scrunchie over it, and pull some of your hair through to blend. Our Secret Scrunchies come in all our fabulous colors, including Sandy Silver, Spring Honey, Silver Mink, and Silver Stone.

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