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Twelve Popular Short Grey Wigs

Rochelle and Danielle are the mother-daughter team at Godiva's Secret. In this video, we're highlighting 12 of our short wig styles that come in various shades of gray. What's more, we haven't trimmed or altered any of our examples.

In other words, we're showing them to you just like you would get them out of the box.

Comparing 12 Short Grey Wigs

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Courtney in Midnite Pearl

Courtney Short Wig Ginger BrownRochelle is wearing the Courtney Short Wig in Midnite Pearl. The Courtney is a super cute short gray wig with lots of layers and a flip that gives her a different look from other short styles. This wig is a bit fuller and has a wispy top with a precut bang that's the perfect length for many people.

The Midnite Pearl is our darkest gray color. It's a dark brown mixed with gray, lighter in the front and darker in the back.


Cristi in Silver Stone and Sandy Silver

Cristi Short WigCristi is one of our most popular short wig styles. She's available in various colors, but we're showing you two of the gray colors in this video. Danielle is wearing the Cristi in Sandy Silver— brownish-gray in the back blended with the lighter gray in the front.

Rochelle is wearing our Cristi in Silver Stone. Cristi has a longer feel for a short wig style. Silver Stone is more of a salt and pepper gray, with a lighter gray in the front. Cristi has a youthful look with a longer bang, a beautiful taper, and a little more fullness in the back.


Darma in Silver Stone and Sandy Silver

Darma Short Wig Sp honeyRochelle is wearing Darma in Sandy Silver, and Danielle is wearing Darma in Silver Stone. Darma has a shorter bang, with a lot of machine-teased fullness at the top. Plus, there's layering throughout.

You can really punk this one up with our low alcohol hairspray and some water.



Erin: Lace Front in Silver Mink

Erin Short WigErin is a lace front wig. Here, we're showing it in Silver Mink. As you can see in the video, that lace front makes the hairline and where the wig starts undetectable.

Similar to Cristi, Erin has a much longer feel. But she is a flatter style that lies closer to your scalp. Now, don't worry if the bangs are too long. You can take the wig to your hairdresser for a trim.



Kelly in Sandy Silver

Kelly_choc_swirl_front__73728.1575888988.1280.1280Kelly is a step longer, especially in the bangs. While this short wig is similar to the Erin, it has more fullness. She's a little longer in the front, and then her back is a little bit shorter.

The Kelly has a beautiful style and comes in a range of colors.



Meg in Silver Stone

Meg_Gin_BrownMeg is similar to Darma. In the video, Danielle wears the Darma in Silver Stone, and Rochelle wears Meg in the same color to illustrate the wigs' differences. Meg, like Darma, has a fuller style with tons of layers.

But, you can see Meg is the longer version.




Peggy in Midnite Pearl and Silver Stone

Peggy_R_Nutmeg-RNext, Danielle is wearing the Peggy in Midnite Pearl. Rochelle is modeling the same wig in Silver Stone. Peggy is a great, lightweight style. She's a bit flatter and a little longer on the side, covering most of the ear.






Selma in Sandy Silver and White

Selma_Short_Wig_Toasted_BrownRochelle is wearing Selma in White, and Danielle is wearing her in Sandy Silver. Selma is long but very airy, and such an easy wig to wear.

She has longer hair in the front, making it easy to cover your ears or tuck it behind them. Selma also has a pretty tapered back.



Quinn in Frosted Taupe

Quinn Frosted taupe frontQuinn is one of our newer short styles. She is so light and airy. You can run your fingers through the entire wig. The color we show in the video is Frosted Taupe. It has a light brown mixed with grey for a natural appearance.

As a side note— there are no clips on the inside of our wigs. If you want added security, our wig grip band is an excellent product. We also have metal wig clips that you can sew inside. But many people don't even wear anything underneath, and it feels completely secure.

Shop Metal Wig Clips

Sheila in Sandy Silver and Moonlight

Sheila_sugar_cane_frontNext, we're going to compare Sheila to Quinn. As you can see, they are similar lengths, but Quinn is a little bit longer and wispier. Quinn is slightly softer, where Sheila is a little straighter, and her bangs are shorter.

Sheila is thicker on top so that you can wear her much fuller even though the wig is straighter. Also, there's a softness that is different from Quinn's. Sheila isn't razor cut. She's more simple and conservative.


Tammy in Frosted Taupe

Tammy honey thumbNext, Rochelle is going to put on the Tammy in Frosted Taupe. Tammy is a super popular wig for women who like a little more curl in their hair.

This wig has a beautiful tighter curl at the bottom. And it gets looser as you come up towards the top. You'll want to play with it in the front to get it around your face. Tammy is versatile. She's a fun and easy wig to wear.


Tyra in Silver Stone and White

Tyra_GinThe last wig we're showing you is Tyra. Danielle is wearing the Tyra in White, and Rochelle is in the salt and pepper Silver Stone. Our white isn't a costume white. It's soft and natural-looking.

Tyra has this great little flip in the back. You can make it as flippy as you want or tone it down and have less of a flip by flattening it out a bit.

She's smoother up on the top, really cute. And she's long enough on one side to cover your ears or go behind your ears, either way.


Choosing a Grey Wig

We know it's hard to choose, ladies. Especially after seeing a dozen gorgeous wigs. Maybe you should drop the hint that you'd like a gift certificate from Godiva's Secret.

Our customer service team is available to assist you with questions, go over care instructions, and explain our return possible.

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