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Wig Cap Constructions

This page will show you the inside of the 6 different wig cap constructions we carry and the benefits of each one.

Difference Between Machine Teased and Monofilament Wigs
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Machine Teased CapMachine-Teased Wig Cap Construction

This is our most popular type of wig cap construction and the most affordable. The wefts of hair are sewn onto the cap and then the crown area is machine-teased to give height and fullness.

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Monofilament Cap Construction-1Monofilament Wig Cap Construction

This cap that is made in such a way that gives the appearance of a natural scalp at the crown. Monofilament caps are made of a thin mesh-like material. Hairs are individually hand tied at the crown, which gives an extremely realistic look. Monofilament wigs lay much flatter than machine-teased wig caps because there is no teasing at the crown.  On our website, we abbreviate Monofilament by saying “Mono.”

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Lace Front CapLace Front Wig Cap Construction

Lace front wigs have a sheer lace in the front part (the part that rests on the forehead) of the wig. These wigs are ideal and extremely popular because it will appear as if you have a natural hairline in front. Because this wig is not a monofilament, you will have the lace at the front, but can still get fullness in the crown. On our website, we abbreviate Lace Front by saying "LF."

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Lace Front Mono Part Cap

Partial Mono w/ Lace Front Wig Cap Construction

This type of cap construction has the lace front, and then a piece of monofilament that runs on the left side of the crown. This means that when you part your wig on the left, you will have the illusion of scalp. However, this wig can only be parted on the left side. It is less expensive than a full monofilament wig because the monofilament does not cover the entire crown. On our website, we abbreviate Lace Front by saying "LF."

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Mono Lace Front Cap-1Full Monofilament w/ Lace Front Wig Cap Construction

This wig cap has the full monofilament crown, which means that no matter where you part it on the crown, it will have the appearance of a natural scalp. In addition, this cap has a lace front which gives the appearance of a completely natural hairline. This wig lays very flat to the head and feels and looks completely realistic!

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Hand Tied Wig Cap-1Hand-Tied Wig Cap Construction

In this cap construction, every single hair is hand tied to the cap, one strand at a time, which allows each hair to move freely and naturally. This wig cap also features a monofilament top, which gives the appearance of scalp, and a lace front, which gives the totally natural hairline! Our hand-tied wigs are the most elite wigs we carry and therefore are the most expensive as well.

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