Wig Colors

Below you will find videos and photos of each color we carry. Use these tools to help you choose the perfect colors for your wigs or top pieces. Scroll down the page or click on a specific color group to go directly to that selection of colors.

In some styles, color blends may vary slightly. On the product page of many of our wigs and pieces, you will find individual color photos as well.

In addition, you can purchase individual Color Swatches or a full Color Ring.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us Toll Free at 877-567-9447. We're always "hair" to help!

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Top 17 Brown Wig Color Choices
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Top 20 Blonde Wig Color Choices
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Top 10 Red Colors Choices
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Top 7 Grey Color Choices
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 Expresso Wig ColorBlack Licorice Wig Color Choc Lava color Cappucino Wig ColorDark Chocolate Wig ColorChocolate Swirl Wig ColorCoffee Latte Wig ColorGinger Brown Wig ColorChocolate Kiss Wig ColorJava Frost Wig ColorRaisin Wig ColorAlmond Spice Wig ColorAlmond Roca Wig ColorMedium Brown Wig ColorMarble Brown Wig ColorMarble Brown Wig ColorEnglish Toffee Wig ColorCoconut Spice Wig ColorHoney Wheat Wig Color


 Iced Mocha Wig ColorChocolate Frost Wig ColorHarvest Gold Wig ColorButter Pecan Wig ColorButternut Wig ColorMochaccino Wig ColorMocha Wig ColorFrosti Blond Wig ColorSpring Honey Wig ColorNutmeg Wig ColorChai Cream Wig ColorSandalwood Wig ColorVanilla Lush Wig ColorCreamy Toffee Wig ColorSugar Cane Wig ColorHoney Blonde Wig Colorvanilla Bean Wig ColorGold Blond Wig ColorCreamy BlondCreamy Toast Wig ColorChampagne Wig Color


Ginger Wig ColorRed Pepper Wig ColorGarnet Glaze Wig ColorCinnamon Toast Wig ColorAuburn Sugar Wig ColorRazberry Ice Wig ColorCayenne Spice Wig ColorChestnut Wig ColorToasted Brown Wig ColorTerracotta Wig ColorSangria Wig ColorCopper Glaze Wig ColorIrish Spice Wig ColorRed Spice Wig ColorApricot Frost Wig ColorMaple Sugar Wig Color GREYS

Black Onyx Wig ColorMidnite Pearl Wig ColorSandy Silver Wig ColorFrosted Taupe Wig ColorSilver Stone Wig ColorSilver Mink Wig ColorMoonlight Wig ColorWhite Wig Color


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    Wig Sizes

    Wig Sizes

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