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Godiva's Secret Wigs Blog

Wig FAQs

Q:  How do I figure out which wig I want?
A:  Here are some very helpful hints when choosing a wig.

  1. Is this your first wig?

    If so, you may want to choose a style and color that resemble your own hair; this is the easiest way to adjust to wearing a wig. Although, whether it’s your first wig or not, wigs are a great way to be able to play and have the hair you always wanted!

  2. What length do you want?

    First, figure out the length you want. Do you want a wig that is the same length as your hair now? Do you want something longer that you can wear down, or put into a ponytail? Do you want a short style that is off your neck?

  3. Which color is right for you?

    Are you looking for a color that resembles your own hair or a color that is totally different? By watching the different videos under “Hair Colors” you can see exactly what our colors look like on our actual wigs. Also, if there is a style you like, click on the thumbnails below the product photo to see that wig style in all different colors. Lastly, if you prefer to see a few color swatches first, you can order them from our site for $4 each. 

  4. Click here to find our 500+ videos on YouTube. While looking through the videos, grab a pen and paper and make notes of what styles and colors you like.

Not sure which wig to choose?
We have live wig experts ready to take your calls Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm PST! 
Toll Free in U.S. and Canada: (877) 567-9447
Local or Int'l: (818) 591-0808
Or email Info@GodivasSecretWigs.com.  We are “hair” to help you!


Q:  Do your wigs come with metal wig clips sewn into them?
A:  Our wigs do not come with metal wig clips already sewn in; however, you can purchase these clips individually on our website and sew them in yourself, or have us do it for you!  Our top pieces do have clips sewn into them. 

Q: What type of hair is used in your wigs and hair pieces?

A: Godiva’s Secret Wigs are all made from the highest quality of synthetic fiber called Kanekalon. Kanekalon is the closest fiber to natural hair and even contains substances of organic origin, such as seaweed. It is very easy to work with, durable, long lasting, and looks much more natural than wigs made of other synthetic materials. Also, Godiva’s Secret’s color blends mimic the color blends of natural human hair, making the wigs undetectable, even to hairdressers!

During it’s manufacturing, Kanekalon is exposed to extreme heat treatment; this keeps the fibers from breaking during combing and allows the wigs to last an extra long time. Although it is exposed to heat during treatment, you can NOT use heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons on your Godiva’s Secret Wigs or the fibers will start to melt and look like frizz. The only tool we recommend is our Hot Air Brush.  

Our Kanekalon is also a “wash and wear” fiber, meaning that after you wash and condition your wig (with products made specifically for high-quality synthetic hair) you can simply let it drip dry and the style will come right back! We recommend our Keep It Clean Shampoo and Keep It Sleek Conditioner.

Shop All Wig Care Products

Q: How do I know what size wig I will need?

A: Most of our wigs are available in average size, which means they fit heads 21 ½ to 22 ½ inches in circumference.

95% of all women fit into the average size. We also have a selection of Petite, Ultra Petite and Large wigs. Need more help?

Watch this video on how to measure the circumference of your head.  

Q: What is a standard wig cap?  Machine Teased Cap

A: Most wigs are made with a standard wig cap, which is usually not visible through the hair. The cap has a closed lace layer around the crown, which the hairs are sewn onto by machine.

The hair is usually styled in such a way that the crown is lifted so that the cap is not visible. This cap gives the hair a natural lift and volume at the crown.


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Q: What is a monofilament wig cap? Naomi LF Mono Long Wig

A: A monofilament wig has a cap that is made in such a way that gives the appearance of a natural scalp at the crown. Monofilament caps are made of a thin mesh-like material.

Hairs are individually hand tied at the crown, which gives an extremely realistic look. Monofilament wigs lay much flatter than standard wig caps because there is no machine teasing at the crown.

On our website, we abbreviate monofilament wigs by saying “mono.”

See all of our Monofilament Wigs

Q: Why don’t you carry human hair wigs?

A: Godiva’s Secret Wigs does not carry human hair wigs for a few important reasons:

  1. Our wigs are stylish, light weight and fun; human hair wigs are outdated, heavy, and difficult!
  2. Our wigs average $199; human hair wigs average $800 or more.
  3. Our wigs dry right back into their original style; human hair wigs must be restyled after washing.
  4. Our wigs don’t frizz no matter what weather you’re in; human hair wigs frizz in humidity and rain.
  5. Our wigs keep their color for the life of the wig; human hair color fades over time.
  6. Our wigs are light and airy, like real hair would be; human hair wigs are dense and thick and therefore don’t look realistic.
Q: What is the average life of a wig?

A: An average life span of a Godiva’s Secret wig is 6 months to a year. In many cases, the shorter styles can last for many years! It varies depending on how well a person takes care of their wig, whether they use the right products, etc.

Q: Is there a manufacturer guarantee for the life of the wig?

A: There is no manufacturer guarantee because a wig's lifespan is largely due to how well a person takes care of their wig.

If they are shampooing and conditioning it with products made for synthetic hair, brushing it, etc. it will last longer then someone who throws it around, uses the wrong products and doesn't care for it.

Q: I think my wig is defective. There are short hairs that look frizzy at the root. Is this wrong?

A: The "frizz" or "short hairs" that you are seeing at the root is called machine teasing. This is completely normal and generally very undetectable on our wigs. The machine teasing is used to give the wig fullness and height at the top.

The only kind of wig that you will not find machine teasing on is a monofilament wig.

See all of our Machine-Teased Wigs

Q: What do I do if the wig is too shiny?

A: If your wig is too shiny, you can put a tiny bit of talcum or baby powder on it. Put it on your hands first, and then rub it on the wig. Be sure to not use too much though, or it will look dull and full of powder.

Q: Are the wigs itchy?

A: The wigs are very comfortable and most people have no problem with itching. If your head is more sensitive, we do have wig caps that you can wear under the wig to stop the itching.

We carry nylon and mesh wig caps, which work great for just a slight barrier between your head and the wig.

If your head is extremely sensitive, we do carry a cotton wig cap as well. This cap creates a full barrier between your head and the wig, so all you will feel is the soft cotton on your scalp.

Q: Do the wigs stretch out?

A: The wigs do stretch out very slightly over time, but they shouldn't stretch too much. Make sure that when you are putting them on someone else, or yourself, that you do not pull them down too much further than the neck line. This will keep them from stretching too much.

Also, they are all adjustable in the back, so if they are feeling loose, you can also pull those tabs in the back to make them smaller.

Q: It seems like some of the wigs in the same style aren’t identical. Why is that?

A: Wigs in the same style may vary slightly because each Godiva’s Secret wig is hand-made, using a pattern. Although machines are used, there is a tiny bit of leeway on the length and density.

Our quality control is very strict, but tiny differences may go unnoticed. Rest assured that the quality of the wigs will always be the best!

Q: My old wig is fuller than my brand new one in the same style; why?

A: As a wig is worn, the fibers expand slightly. For this reason, when a wig has been worn for a long time, it may feel fuller than a brand new one.

Q: I am experiencing frizz at the neckline of my wig; is this normal?

A: The frizz that you are referring to at the neckline of your wigs is common. It can happen for a few reasons: sometimes, your neck area can get very warm and cause the wig to get frizzy from the heat. Also, the neck area of your wig rubs on your neck, sweaters, etc whenever you wear them; the friction from the rubbing can cause the dry and frizzy hairs as well. You can use the Hot Air Brush to help get rid of this "frizz."

Q: What can I do to for the frizz at the neckline or at the ends of my wig?

A: First, you want to make sure that you always brush that area out after you wear it, to prevent it from knotting and to help brush some of the frizz out. Second, by using our Hot Air Brush, you can help to get rid of the "frizz."

We have a YouTube video that shows how to do this. 

Q: Can any of your wigs fit a child?

A: We carry a selection of Petite Wigs, and many of these may fit a child as well.  Additionally, most wigs can be altered to fit the head of a child, or someone with a petite head.

Q: How many styles do you have?

A: Godiva’s Secret Wigs carries over 75 different styles of wigs, and each wig is available in a variety of beautiful color blends; many colors even have roots!

See all of our wigs!


Q: How often do your styles change?

A: We usually incorporate a few new styles into our collection of wigs every couple months, but many of the styles have been around for years.

Q: Can you put a wig in a ponytail?

A: You can put part in a ponytail and keep part hanging down. You just can't put the entire thing in a high ponytail, but you could do a low one.

Q: Why don’t you carry very curly wigs?

A: As far as wigs go, it's very hard to make a curly wig that looks as realistic as a smooth one, so we just don't do many. However, we do have a great selection of wavy wigs.  

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