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Wig Styles: Alana

As you browse the vast selection of modern wigs available at Godiva’s Secret Wigs, you are sure to see glowing reviews for Alana. Alana is one of our most popular wigs because she is ready for the office, running errands, or a date night on the town with memories you won’t soon forget.

In the video below, Danielle showcases just how easy it is to wear Alana and how beautiful this natural looking wig sits on your head.


With Alana (and all of our wigs, for that matter), you can find the color that fits your exact taste. We proudly offer a range of colors, including brunette, red head, blonde, gray, and white. Whatever wig colors you need or tools required to care for your new Alana wig, you can find them right here at Godiva’s Secret Wigs!

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Alana Is Our Popular Modern Pageboy Wig

Alana Medium WigAs we’ve mentioned, Alana is a pageboy style wig. Pageboy simply refers to a longer bob that isn’t completely tidy on the back of the nape. She is very light weight, comfortable and perfect for all ages.

Our Alana wig is available in two different types of colors: rooted and non-rooted. The same elegant sweeping bangs and cut are available in both types of colors. The only difference between these is the appearance. A rooted wig has a darker color closer to the scalp.

This creates a natural appearance, which is especially nice for individuals who have darker eyebrows. With the dark hair roots and matching brows, no one will be able to tell you are wearing a wig! Better still, these rooted styles are on trend with the shadow roots that are added by stylists during modern hair dying and coloring appointments.

For those who have lighter eyebrows or do not prefer the look of a darker root, Alana is available in all over colors. From root to tip, the color will remain the same. A few of the color choices available with Alana offer highlights and lowlights, which help to create a natural appearance.

Alana is the perfect wig for a first-time wig wearer or someone who is simply looking to extend their wig collecting. She is lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. Anyone of any age can easily put this wig on and head out for whatever activities lie ahead. Alana is currently only available in an average/medium size. For extra security, clips can be sewn into the cap to ensure Alana stays where she needs to all day or night long.

Before you place your order for your first (or tenth - no judgment here!) Alana wig, make sure you check out our available extras. These small tokens are available free of charge. It’s our little way of saying thank you for supporting our mother-daughter owned business!


Wig Expertise & Friendly Associates At Your Service

Wigs are fun for so many individuals of any age to wear. They are also necessary for those suffering from hair loss, chemotherapy, or alopecia. Whatever reason has brought you to Godiva’s Secret Wigs, we want to help you feel as confident as possible and love who you see in the mirror.

Our customer service team is incredibly knowledgeable in helping every individual find a wig that suits their taste and needs. Whether you need wigs for alopecia, chemotherapy, hair loss, your career, romance, travel, or any other reason, we are ready and available to assist you. We can answer general care questions, provide instructions on how to customize the size of your wig, and discuss the best products for our natural looking synthetic wigs.

Remember, we’re HAIR to help!

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