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Wig Styles: Cristi Short Wig

When many people think of wigs, they think of long locks in blonde or rainbow colors. While these serve their place in certain situations, they are not always practical for everyday use. Fortunately, plenty of beautiful, modern short wig styles are available from Godiva’s Secret Wigs. We have the largest selection of natural looking wigs for first time wig wearers and seasoned professionals alike. In our latest video, we go over our most popular short wig: Cristi.

Danielle shown in Chocolate Frost

In this video, Danielle can be seen showing off Cristi in Chocolate Frost. Considered a blonde wig with dark brown beneath the beautiful height, this wig is perfect for everyday wear or something fun to wear to change up your look. This is the perfect option for those who are looking for wigs for hair loss since it naturally sits on the head. It’s fun, spunky, and sexy!

Below, we will go over the details of this beautiful short wig. Before we do that, we wanted to quickly mention that everyone is welcome to contact our customer service team with questions. Even if this is your first time buying a wig, our customer service team is ready and available to answer your questions. We want you to feel as confident as possible in our wigs.

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Our Most Popular Short Wig Style Is Cristi

Just like all of the wigs you purchase from Godiva’s Secret Wigs, Cristi is made of incredibly high-quality synthetic hair. You can wear her right out of the box or take time to style her to your liking.

Since Cristi is our most popular short style, we have a variety of options available. Blonde, brunette, red head, highlighted, and even gray versions of Cristi are available for purchase.  Some of our customers purchase this modern short wig in a variety of colors!  She is so popular that we created Cristi in a Large Size!  We also created the Cristi Top, which is just the crown of Cristi, attached by 4 metal wig clips.   Please see all of the options below:

Cristi (without roots) is the original short wig.  All of the colors in this option are similar to a single process color in a salon. Some will feature natural looking highlights to create a realistic look.

The Cristi with Roots is the exact same style; the only difference is the colors.  In these rooted colors, there is a darker color at the base of the wig, which gives the appearance of regrowth or "roots."  The rooted color looks like it has been about a month since your hair has been “dyed” at the salon. No one will know you are wearing a wig!

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Large Cristi is exactly the same as Cristi. The only difference is that Large Cristi is designed for larger skulls. While many individuals will find the original Cristi to fit their head, some people simply need a larger wig to create the most natural look. Large Cristi is a wonderful option for those in need of transgender wigs as well.

Cristi Top is actually the newest addition to this wig style family! A top piece is the perfect option for anyone who isn’t ready to commit to wearing a full wig, or just needs some added hair at the crown of the head. Just like the name implies, this top piece covers only the top portion of your head.

If your hair is thinning or you don’t want to keep up with root retouching appointments, Cristi Top is for you. She will add fullness to the top of your hair and hide all of your roots. Oh, and don’t worry about finding a color that perfectly matches your hair. Your hairstylist can easily match your hair to Cristi Top to ensure everything effortlessly blends.

All of Godiva's Secret Wigs are high-quality synthetic wigs. This means hot tools should not be used on Cristi or any other wig style.

If you want to add light waves to your wig, or roll the bangs under, consider using our Hot Air Brush. This is the only heat tool we recommend using on our wigs in order to prevent irreversible damage. When you place your order, consider adding our wig hair care products to your basket as well to make maintenance simple and easy.

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Cristi Is The Sexy, Sophisticated Wig You’ve Been Looking For

If you are looking for a sexy, sophisticated wig that you can wear every day or just once in a while, you deserve Cristi. Her machine teased top layers and tapered neck will perfectly fit your style and personality. She is an exceptional wig for anyone who is wearing a wig for the first time, needs a wig for hair loss or convenience, or desires a wig for transgender individuals.

Our customer service team is available for any questions. Seasoned wig wearers and those new to wigs are bound to have questions at some point, and our team of experts is ready to assist you! From determining the right wig size to maintenance, customizing the wig, and more, our customer service associates are here to help!

Please give us a call at 877-567-9447 to place your order! We’re HAIR to help.

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