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Wig Styles: Freedom

When it comes to choosing a versatile wig that can be worn every day, no one can go wrong with Freedom. This wig is perfect for first-time wig wearers and those who are looking for wigs for hair loss. We encourage you to take a moment to see just how easy it is to put this beautiful wig on by watching the video below.


One of the best things about this sexy, modern wig is the versatility. Many of our customers have this wig in three or more colors!


Freedom, Our Most Popular Wig

The Freedom Medium Wig has maintained its popularity over the years because of its timeless look that is incredibly easy to dress up or down. The crown has enough volume to look fun and sassy, but not so much that it screams the 80s. The wispy layers can easily be patted down for a more conservative look or played with to look cute and fun. Just the tiniest bit of hair tickles the neckline from this medium length wig, which makes Freedom perfect for all ages.

Due to the popularity of Freedom, this modern medium wig comes in multiple different sizes, and an incredibly large selection of colors, both rooted and non-rooted:

Freedom w/ Roots - All Rooted Colors
HubSpot Video


Freedom w/ Roots - All Colors without Roots
HubSpot Video


The difference between original, large, and petite is the size of the wig itself. If you aren't sure what size to order, simply get ahold of our spectacular customer service team. Most women wear the original, but every person and head is unique.

If you are wondering what we mean by "with roots," it simply means that the base of the hair is a darker color, which gives the illusion of regrowth, or "roots."  This is especially popular for women that have darker eyebrows and want to create a seamless, natural appearance. However, any woman can easily wear a rooted wig.

One of the most important things to remember with Freedom and all of the wigs in our collections is that hot tools cannot be used. Since these are high-quality synthetic wigs, they will not react well to your hot tools. Rather than staying beautiful and pristine, they will melt if you attempt to use a straightener or curling iron. Instead, we recommend using our Hot Air Brush. For other important information about your wig, please read our FAQs page.

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With the wide variety of colors available, the Freedom medium wig is perfect no matter what color you're looking for, whether it's blond, brunette, red or grey! Freedom can be worn to work, out on the town, or in the bedroom to spice up your love life. With Freedom, anything is possible!


Order Your Freedom Wig Today

Freedom is the perfect medium length wig for first-time wig wearers and those looking for wigs for hair loss. However, anyone and everyone can easily wear this sexy wig and feel more confident. Any time you look in the mirror with Freedom on, you will feel like the incredibly sexy woman you are. Better still, this wig is light enough to make you forget you are wearing a wig at all.

As if Freedom wasn't already amazing enough on its own, ordering from Godiva's Secret Wigs comes with its own set of benefits. Our company is dedicated to helping you throughout your wig journey. From measurements and general care to adjustments, repairs, and more, our customer service team is available to assist you. All you need to do is call 877-567-9447!

Remember, we are HAIR to help!


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