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Wig Styles: Kelly

Here, we're modeling our Kelly wig in Java Frost. Kelly has a short, sassy style with a long feel. She has longer pieces on one side, with slightly shorter strands on the other side. This is an adorable edgy short style.



You can see in the back that Kelly has layering and a nice tapered neck, giving her some sophistication as well. Not only is she sophisticated, but she's also kind of sassy.

See the Kelly Wig here


Kelly Short WigYou can wear her behind the ears too. And if your hair is the exact same color, you can tuck it all the way behind the ear. But if your hair is a different color, you can leave a bit out in the front, then tuck it in the back on both sides.

Now, you can also give Kelly more fullness by running your fingers through and lifting those beautiful layers. Or you can bring her down for a smoother look, with a quick pat.

What's more, Kelly comes in rooted colors. When we say roots, it means that there's a darker color at the crown to give the illusion of roots or regrowth. As you can see, the dark color runs throughout the wig—just like the roots in natural hair.

If you're searching for a beautiful, easy-to-wear wig, Godiva's Secret Wigs carries light, realistic wigs and hairpieces. They're perfect to wear for convenience, travel, romance, or because of hair loss.

Not only that, but we're here to help with video tutorials, and we have consultants all over the country who are eager to help you pick the perfect style.

You can order Godiva's Secret Wigs conveniently online. Or, get in touch with any questions. Please call us at (877) 567-9447. Or feel free to email us at Info@GodivasSecretWigs.com. We're here to help!

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