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Wig Styles: Nina Wig

In this video, Danielle is modeling the Nina wig in Ginger Brown. Nina has a soft curl, similar to our Sunset wig, but is a little bit longer. And she has a bit more thickness at the crown and on the sides.


Nina is a fuller wig up top, so there's plenty of room for teasing to get the height you want. You can also brush it down and flatten it a bit with your hands. Just use your fingers to style Nina.

See the Nina Wig here


Nina Medium WigYou can get it really full by running your fingers through the wig. Or pat it to flatten it down for a more conservative look. Nina is also super cute tucked behind the ears.

What's more, Nina has long bangs. They're a great length for people who like to brush their bangs to the side. You can also trim those tips if you want to get the perfect length.

Nina is a similar option to our Freedom wig but with more of a wave to it. When it comes to color, you'll find Nina in some great rooted colors in addition to our non-rooted collection. For example, Nutmeg-F is one of Godiva's most popular rooted colors.

Nina has a blow-dried look in the front, with soft, gently waved layers in the back. This wig is for a woman who wants fullness and style that provides lots of lift.

For the best result, when you unbox your new wig, give it a shake upside down. Then take some time to play with it once you have it on. Try leaving a few wisps around your face.

You can smooth the sides and slide them behind your ears. Or use your fingers to lift Nina to new heights. We also suggest using our low alcohol hair spray for a finished look.

At Godiva's Secret Wigs, we offer a wide selection of light and realistic wigs and hairpieces. Whether you want to update your look or you've experienced hair loss because of alopecia, chemo or another medical condition, there's a wig to fit your style.

If you're searching for a wig with a versatile style and an array of gorgeous color options, purchase your Nina wig conveniently online today. You can follow Godiva's Secret Wigs on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And browse our collections online at Godiva's Secret Wigs.

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