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Wig Styles: Selma Wig in 15 Non-Rooted Colors

Watch Ro and Dani, the mother-daughter team powering Godiva's Secret Wigs, model the Selma Wig in all 15 non-rooted colors. In this video, the ladies compare colors side by side. Selma is machine teased at the crown to give it a hint of height, enabling you to get great lift and fullness without having to do anything.

You can wear Selma flat too. Pat it down low. Or fluff it up higher. There's also enough hair to go over your ears on the sides and a lovely tapered back. If you're not familiar with Godiva's Secret Wigs, they have open wefts that allow your scalp to breathe, giving the wig a light and airy feel.

Dark Chocolate Versus Coffee Latte Wig Colors

Selma_Short_Wig_Toasted_BrownIn our first comparison, Dani is wearing Selma in Dark Chocolate. It's a cooler dark brown color mixed in medium brown, giving it a beautiful natural look. Ro is wearing Selma in Coffee Latte. It has a dark brown base and great caramel highlights that make it look like you got your hair done at the salon.

This wig has a wispier bang, but don't be afraid to give it a trim if needed. Ro has a higher forehead than Dani, so she doesn't have to trim or change the bang at all. To let you know, we haven't altered the wigs in this video.

These Selma wigs are the same as you'll get, right out of the box. Please pay attention to how we shake the wig out and play with the style. Also, be patient with yourself and experiment if you're a new wig wearer.

Ginger Brown Versus Marble Brown Wig Colors

Dani switches it up with Selma in Ginger Brown, slightly lighter than Coffee Latte, with a fine blend of dark brown and a reddish color, making it a warm brown overall. It doesn't have any highlights. Instead, Ginger Brown is a rich, blended red-brown.

Marble brown is similar to Ginger Brown as it's finely blended. But as you see in the video, Marble Brown has a medium brown base with light brown highlights. Remember that many of our wigs and top pieces come in the colors you're seeing. So, take note of the color, even if Selma isn't your style.

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Toasted Brown Wig Color

Toasted Brown is a medium brown with red undertones. Right now is a good time to point out that many of our colors fit into more than one category. And keep in mind when we're showing you brown wigs with red, that indicates the warm shades.

Here's the thing. You can wear warm or cool colors depending on your makeup. It's fun to switch it up.

Copper Glaze Versus Maple Sugar Wig Colors

Our next color is Copper Glaze. Where toasted brown is a reddish-brown, Copper Glaze is a full-on light coppery red. Remember to lift the hair on the front of the wig slowly and bring it up to your hairline. After that, start around your face and play with the strands until it looks the way you like them.

Maple Sugar is a nice warm light red color natural hair color. It has an elevated look that's a little lighter than Copper Glaze. Check out the video to see the subtle differences. It's easy to style the Selma wig using your fingers. And the great thing about a wig is that these gorgeous colors don't fade.

Iced Mocha Wig Color

Now we're getting into the blondes with Iced Mocha. This wig has a dark blonde base that you could call brown, with warm blonde highlights framing the face. There are also highlights throughout the wig, and it's darker at the base.

Frosti Blonde Versus Mochaccino Wig Colors

Frosti Blonde has a medium brown base with cool-toned blonde running through it. This color is an excellent option if you're thinking about it but not ready to go full gray. Mochaccino is soft and natural, combining a cooler light brown and warm with the golden overtones. What's more, the Mochaccino color is popular with our clients worldwide.

Spring Honey Versus Creamy Toffee Wig Color

Spring Honey is a good example of a really natural color, without a ton of highlights. It's more of a sun-kissed look or a beigy blonde. There are so many ways to wear Selma and so many different colors, we could easily have 15 women modeling the wig, and they would all look a little different.

The last blonde in our Selma collection is the Creamy Toffee, one of Ro's favorite colors. It's a gorgeous golden blonde that looks like you just stepped out of the beauty parlor.

Sandy Silver Versus Silver Stone

2019 Selma 4Next, we're heading into the grays. Dani is wearing the darkest gray Selma comes in, Sandy Silver. And Ro is wearing Silver Stone. We love all the grays, and the truth is, if we don't love it, you won't find it on our website.

On a side note: When it comes to Godiva's Secret Wigs, Dani and Ro are the only faces behind the company that ships worldwide. So beware of knockoffs.

Sandy Silver has a lighter gray in the front and more brown-gray in the back. On the other hand, the silver stone has a lighter in the front, and then it's more like a true gray in the back.

White Wig Color

Our White wig color isn't a costume white. It's a realistic and natural-looking soft white and the lightest color we offer. As a reminder, these colors are available in many of our other wigs and pieces, as well. We put out a wig video every week if you're seeing us for the first time. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don't miss anything.

Also, make sure to visit Godiva's Secret Website and sign up at the bottom of the home page to keep updated on new products and promotions.

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