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Wig Styles: Shantel

We want to feature one of our favorite wigs - the Shantel Medium Wig. Shantel is a great medium wig for someone looking for a medium length piece with great movement and flow.

Shantel Medium Wig
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The Shantel Medium Wig is a great medium length hair cut. She is a touch longer than our Andrea Medium Wig and a bit more layered.

The Shantel is a foolproof wig - you just flip it on and go! We suggest trying wearing it behind your ears. You could also choose to trim the bangs a touch.

We recommend always reading the client reviews about the Shantel or any other wig style you may be interested in. You will find these reviews on each product page.

In the video, Danielle is wearing the Shantel wig in the color Marble Brown. Marble Brown is one of our most popular medium brown wig colors.

The Shantel is a great every day style. It is a very natural looking wig with nice layers and a trendy razor cut. This is one of our wigs with bangs and the bangs are pretty long; you could easily cut them for a bang that comes across or sweeps to the side easily as well.

We style the Shantel by simply tucking her behind the ears to get the hair off of your face. We also think its really cute if you pull up a little bit of the side and clip it, just for a different look.

Although the Shantel is a medium to short style wig, you can still do a lot with it. The back also looks very natural and holds its natural look with nice longer layers.

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