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Wig Styles: Sunset Wig

Watch mom Rochelle and daughter Danielle, the mother and daughter team behind Godiva's Secret Wigs model our beautiful Sunset Wig in all the colors we carry.


Godiva's Secret Sunset Wig

Sunset_Short_Wig_Mar_BrownThe Sunset is ultra-light, weighing in at just two ounces. It's open-wefted along the front, top, and sides, making it extra airy and breathable. It has soft layers throughout and a little bit of a flip in the back. This wig is machined-teased and provides extra lift at the crown. But you can also pat it down and put some behind your ears to give it a totally different look.




Dark Chocolate, Coffee Latte, and Ginger Brown, Oh My!

To start, Danielle is modeling the Sunset wig in Dark Chocolate, and Rochelle is wearing Coffee Latte. The Dark Chocolate is a dark brown with cool undertones, while the Coffee Latte has a lot more highlights. Before she switches wigs, Danielle takes a moment to offer a pro tip. Before putting your Sunset wig on, brush the front part, pull a few bangs down, and break up that little bit of hair right at the top of the forehead.

Danielle slips on the Ginger Brown, and you can see it's a little warmer color. But it doesn't have the highlights like Coffee Latte. The Sunset wig has a wispy bang, and you can bring more hair down if you want fuller bangs.

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Marble Brown and Auburn Sugar

Rochelle says she likes to give her Sunset wig a good shake before she puts it on, so it starts out full. If you want height, this technique works well. She puts the Sunset wig in Marble Brown on and, using her fingers, starts around her face to style it and tone it down. The Sunset wig will cover your ears, or you can wear the hair behind your ears.

What's more, these wigs are easy to style using your fingers and nothing else. Danielle uses her brushing technique before putting on the Sunset wig in Auburn Sugar. It has an auburn base with gold highlights throughout the wig, while Marble Brown is more of that medium brown color with lighter caramel brown highlights giving it some depth and warmth.


Chestnut and Toasted Brown

The next wig Rochelle puts on is Godiva's Secret's most popular red, Chestnut. If you color your hair red, you know how hard it is to maintain the color. Our Chestnut red is a deep rich red that never fades. On the other hand, the Toasted Brown that Danielle is modeling is a warm, cinnamon red/brown with gorgeous subtle highlights.

Even better? Take a look at the back of these wigs. We've done nothing to them, and they're so cute, light, and airy.


Iced Mocha and Harvest Gold

Next, we're moving on to our blonde colors. Rochelle is modeling the Sunset wig in Iced Mocha, and Danielle is wearing Harvest Gold. If you love highlights, Iced Mocha is beautiful with a medium brown base and lots of cool blonde highlights throughout the wig. Harvest gold has that same brown undertone with lots of warm golden highlights.

Check out the video to see a great example of the many different looks you can get with the Sunset wig.


Mochaccino and Frosti Blonde

Mochaccino is a beige blonde. Rochelle slips it on, up to her hairline, and finger combs it slightly around her face. Remember that you don't want to make it look too perfect to keep the illusion of natural hair. Plus, Godiva's Secret Wigs are all about convenience. You can slip them on and go.

Next, Danielle models the Frosti Blonde Sunset wig. This color looks like your hair is frosted with pale blonde tips, and it's a little light around the face.


Spring Honey and Creamy Toffee

Rochelle switches to the Spring Honey, one of Godiva's Secret Wigs' all-time popular colors, with a beige blond base and lots of warm blonde highlights. Danielle puts on the Sunset wig in Creamy Toffee to showcase the difference in colors. Creamy Toffee is a gorgeous warm blonde base with subtle highlights and lowlights. 

We also want to point out that while many of our wigs come in rooted colors, the Sunset wig does not. Rochelle is planning a video later on down the road to show you how to add roots to non-rooted colors for another option. Also, when we make these side-by-side comparisons, think about stopping the video and taking a few notes, so you remember what you liked and why.


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