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Wig Styles: Taylor Wig

In this video, Danielle is modeling the Taylor wig in Chocolate Swirl. Taylor is a beautiful, modern, straight style. It has a bang that's long enough to brush to the side. Of course, you can also easily give those bangs a trim.


Not only that, but if you want to roll the bangs, our hot airbrush is perfect for that purpose.

TAYLOR LONG WIGNow, the back of Taylor is lovely, with some great movement because of the long layers. It's a really natural straight style that enables you to wear it in all kinds of cute ways. For example, you can do a half ponytail by pulling some of the front hair and clipping it.

Remember that you always want to leave a little hair around the face, so you don't reveal where the wig starts. You could also do a low ponytail and have fun playing around with it, leaving wisps of hair here and there for a gorgeous, natural look.

Next, Danielle is wearing the Taylor with roots. This color is Irish spice—a beautiful red color. The difference in rooted hair colors is that they feature a dark color at the roots to give it the illusion of hair regrowth.

So, you'll see that darkness throughout the wig, as with all of our rooted colors. If you prefer blonds, browns, or silver tones, there's a color for almost everyone in the Taylor wig collection.

Maybe you're new to wigs and aren't sure what to purchase. Our goal at Godiva's Secret Wigs is to help you find the perfect style, length, and colored wig. To that end, you'll find videos and how-to articles on everything from picking the right color to making sure you size the cap, so it fits perfectly.

Do you love the look of rooted colors? If a color has an "R" next to it, that means it's rooted. You can also use the filters to narrow down your search by style and color. And we have videos like this one to highlight lengths, styles, and colors.

Conveniently purchase your Taylor wig online today. And please let us know if you have any questions. We're "hair" to help.

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