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Wig Styles: The Candice Wig

If you already wear wigs often or want to begin doing so, you deserve natural looking wigs that will boost your confidence. The last thing you need is to feel like everyone can tell you are wearing a wig. Many of our customers are alopecia patients, transgender, or suffering from hair loss. We understand that hair is such an important factor in feeling confident, beautiful, and sexy. This is the very reason we have the Candice Wig. Watch the video below to see Danielle model it in action.


If you’ve been researching how to find a realistic wig, you can end your search with Godiva’s Secret Wigs. We have the best long wigs and layered wigs that look natural. Our high-quality synthetic hair can withstand daily wear with the right care. If you have any questions, our customer service team will continue to assist you after you receive your order.

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We want you to feel like your best self every time you wear your wig. If you ever have questions, do not hesitate to ask! Oh, and don’t be surprised when you fall in love with your Candice wig and immediately want to order it in another color. Many of our customers have it in multiple colors and rooted colors. Now, let’s go over the details of this fantastic natural wig!


Our Most Popular Long Wig: Candice

When it comes to long, layered wigs, you cannot go wrong with Candice. This beautiful long wig features soft layering that perfectly frames the face. You can wear this wig right out of the box or take it to your stylist and have it customized.

Some customers choose to create bangs while others want to add in more layers. However you choose to style Candice, you will love how confident and sexy you feel in this wig.

Since this is one of our most popular wigs, we have many variations of it to fit your taste and needs:

Candice comes in a range of colors. Whether you want to be silver, platinum blonde, honey blonde, light brown, medium brown, or a dark brown brunette, you can achieve your desired look with this long wig.

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You will see that this wig is available in regular and rooted colors. Wigs without roots are the same color from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Rooted wigs feature a darker brown color at the base of the wig, giving the appearance of regrowth, or "roots."  This is a wonderful option for those who have dark eyebrows. The dark roots will blend with your eyebrow color and create a realistic, natural look.

Since Candice is a long wig, you can wear it in many different styles. You can keep the hair down for a flirty, sexy look. If you want a casual look, grab a claw clip and create a quick updo. You can braid this hair and even create elegant hairstyles, as well.

Since Candice is a high-quality synthetic wig, hot tools are not recommended. The only tool (other than a hairbrush) that is recommended on this modern wig is our Hot Air Brush. This tool should only be used on dry hair. It can be used to add light waves to your wig. To ensure your Candice wig lasts as long as possible, use our wig hair care products.

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Candice Is A Fantastic Natural Long Wig

Without a doubt, Candice is one of the best natural long wigs you can own. For the first time wig wearer, Candice provides you the freedom to have plenty of length for experimentation. If you want to test out layers and bangs, you can do so!

If you are looking for a wig for transgender, wig for hair loss, or any type of wig for any reason, we want you to know that you can confidently shop at Godiva’s Secret Wigs. You will always be treated with respect by every customer service associate that assists you. We will happily answer any of your questions and walk you through step-by-step processes for taking care of and customizing your new natural looking wig.

Please give us a call at 877-567-9447! We’re HAIR to help!

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