Wig Reviews

dina-taylor "Hi guys...just sending a pic to show you how great and how much I love your wigs...just ordered my 3rd one.  This one is my favorite (Taylor w/ Roots in Maple Sugar-R).  Oh, did I mention, I am battling breast cancer and 1/2 through my treatment so I have no hair, lashes or brows.  You have made this very rough time in my life a bit easier..."  -Dina

*Wearing Taylor w/ Roots Wig in Maple Sugar-R

gloria-medium-top"All my life...feeling left out of the hair club.  Now my wig topper (Medium Top from Godiva's Secret has changed my life forever. I can't wait to show all my thinning hair friends how GODIVA'S SECRET WIGS gave me confidence.  Thank you."  -Gloria

*Wearing Medium Top in Spring Honey

jennifer-naomi"I've been using wigs for 3 years now due to having Crohns disease and a lot of hair loss.  However, August 23rd, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have to get a double mastectomy.  
When I met with the oncologist, she had no idea my Naomi was a wig.  She looked empathetic when she told me due to the chemo, I would lose all my hair.  Fully expecting me to break down in sobs, I replied, "That's okay!  This is a wig!"  She was SHOCKED!  She had to inspect much closer and finally believed me.  She said, "If you can fool an oncologist, that is a GOOD WIG!!!"  It was the one bright spot in an awful sad day!"  -Jennifer

*Wearing Naomi Mono Wig in English Toffee-R

karen-cristi"I love Godiva's Secret Wigs because they give me the flexibility to have a different look.  Being a creative person, I enjoy having that option.  I also love how they look real and not as though I am wearing a wig.  The ease of using the wig is shaking it and doing very little with a comb or brush to make it look good."  -Karen G.

*Wearing Cristi Wig in Dark Chocolate

Sandra-andrea "Love this style wig so much I purchased 2.  Been without hair for a long time due to chemo.  Quality of these wigs are excellent.  Nobody believes I'm wearing a wig. Ill but not looking a victim."  -Sandra

*Wearing Andrea Wig in Creamy Blond

cherilyn-shayna "I'm extremely happy with my first wig purchase from Godiva's Secret Wigs!  This makes chemo just a little bit less scary."  -Cherilyn

*Wearing Shayna Mono Wig in Toasted Brown

melissa-medium-top"The first day I used my topper it was raining and windy.  And my hair topper looked fabulous.  It looked so natural, blended with my hair perfectly.  The clips were very easy to use, it did not hurt my head, or hair.  Haven't felt this natural hair confidence in so looonnnnggg!  
I had almost given up.  I had tried everything and anything that would help my hair loss.  I was getting depressed and wanted to quit my job and crawl into a dark place forever.  But you Godiva's Secret has changed all that!!! I must admit I was very hesitant at first, wondering if it was all that you claimed it to be. Were the testimonials real?
Godiva's Secret Wigs has made a believer out of me!!  It has transformed my LIFE!!  My Attitude, my Confidence and Joy are back!  I feel like a woman again, cuz let's face it...our hair shouldn't define us, but who are we kidding??  For all of us Women, it all about that Hair, bout that Hair!!"  -Melissa

*Wearing Medium Top in Ginger Brown

kimberlee"I really couldn't be happier.  I have felt unattractive for so long as a result of my hair loss.  This wig has given me back so much confidence.  Thank you!"  -Kimberlee

*Wearing Rochelle w/ Roots Wig in Copper Glaze-R 

april-tiffany"I LOVE my new wig!!  I have never bought a wig in 20 years that I could wear right out of the box.  I am so thankful to Godiva's Secret Wigs for my new addiction.  I feel beautiful!"  -April

*Wearing Tiffany Wig in Razberry Ice 

michelle-medium-top"I ordered the Medium Top in Nutmeg-F on Thursday afternoon.  I was totally shocked that it arrived on Saturday morning.  I opened the box & was amazed at how real it looked and felt.  I had it on my head in 2 minutes.  The color was beautiful and it is unreal how well it blends with my hair.  
I don't think I've been this happy over something in a very long time.  I wore it to my mother's birthday party that same night and had so many compliments!  I already have 4 people that have asked me for your information. I am totally obsessed and can't wait to order my next one!"  -Michelle

*Wearing Medium Top w/ Roots in Nutmeg-F

Karen-thin-candice"I have been wearing wigs for almost ten years now, and although I started wearing wigs out of necessity, today I enjoy having the option to not have to do my hair on any given day!  Wearing the wigs is great for giving my hair a "break" from the blow dryer and flat iron, as well as being able to change my look with different styles and colors, which is playful and fun.  I am grateful to Godiva's Secret Wigs for giving me the ability to have a great hair day without having to do my hair!"  -Karen

*Wearing Thin Candice w/ Roots Wig in Almond Spice-R 

Kim-nicole-mono"My whole life I've wanted to be a blond.  I tried to dye it once, and the results were TERRIBLE!  I looked like a circus clown!  But this?? OMG, I love it!  Getting to wear a wig means I can have styles and colors that I could never pull off with my natural hair, even when I had a full head of hair.  Thank you so much!  Your wigs are gorgeous, affordable and comfortable!"  -Kim

*Wearing Nicole Mono w/ Roots Wig in Creamy Toffee-R 

hayley-sheila"I just got back from our vacation in Cancun and my Godiva's Secret Wigs were a life saver!  -Hayley

*Wearing London Mono Wig in Vanilla Bean-R 

donna"I am very happy with my Godiva's Secret wig. Every occasion that I have worn it has brought many compliments from women of all ages.  They look shocked if I tell my secret that it is indeed a wig.  Many of my friends have purchased several Godiva's Secret wigs.  I am always astounded at how the natural beauty of the wig enhances their appearance."  -Donna

*Wearing Freedom w/ Roots Wig in Almond Spice-R 

suzanna"I am so pleased with this purchase!  I finally have the hair that makes people stop and admire.  You know the hair, gorgeous healthy, shiny, salon 500$ a month hair!  So many compliments! The cap is very comfortable and light so it doesn't make your head hot or itch.  The amount of hair is perfect!   Everyone wants to know how to get that kind of hair!  I have it!  Please buy this if you really want something that is elegant and natural.  It is a great deal!  I'm so happy!  My search is over!  When I need a replacement I will be buying again the same product!  Godiva Secret wigs has the best shop, products, and owner you can hope to find!  I turn heads now!  The compliments are daily, I'm blessed to own this, it has made my hair my glory!"  -Suzanna

*Wearing Naomi Mono Wig in Vanilla Bean-R 

claudette"Where do I begin about these amazing wigs!  The color and cuts are so up to date, they are light and so easy to  put on, a snap to care for and to travel with..I could not be more pleased with the compliments I get like, "Who is your hair dresser?"  -Claudette

*Wearing Peggy Wig

marian-getz"Wore my beautiful Freedom wig in Nutmeg-F on HSN cooking with Wolfgang Puck this past weekend!  I LOVE you guys!  Thank you for my beautiful hair."  -Marian Getz

*Wearing Freedom w/ Roots Wig in Nutmeg-F 

christine"I am 63 years old and absolutely love this wig.  I shortened the sides slightly, and it was good to go.  Perfect fit, and a great medium length wig."  -Christine

*Wearing Alana Wig in Marble Brown-H 

sandy"I have alopecia.  I used to be an active person, but started staying home because I felt ugly and ashamed.  I ran across your company on youtube. I look at wigs a lot online and yours are by far the prettiest.  
I was very excited the day my wig came and cried when I opened the box.  It is so pretty and looks like real hair.  I love it.  I feel like I am normal again and can go out and face the world instead of hiding.  I do not know how to thank you enough.  Keep up the good work in helping all of us women with hair loss and making us feel beautiful."  -Sandy

*Wearing Trixie w/ Roots Wig in Terracotta-H 

jenna"My career requires confidence, and I have regained it with the Shantel Wig.  Over the years I have had 2 Cyberknife treatments which caused patchy hair loss.  Today I trimmed the girl (Shantel) to make her mine, and I feel beautiful again.  I have been down with flu and today is my first day feeling better so I played hair-hooray!  Thank you and I will return to purchase more."  -Jenna

*Wearing Shantel Wig in Ginger Brown 

kevin"As I promised, I am sending you a picture from our wedding.  Our wedding was held on May 23rd, my 59th birthday.  After 37 years, my husband Bob and I were able to get married here in the state of Wisconsin.  I looked great in my mono medium top.  I am so thankful that Godiva's Secret Wigs is out there.  More men should buy your products.  Again, thank so much.  You have my business forever."  -Kevin

*Wearing Mono Medium Top in Ginger Brown (cut) 

casey"For years I have been struggling with hair loss.  It has taken it's toll on my confidence.  There were times I wouldn't even leave my house.  My daughter graduated from college this year and I truly was considering not attending. I didn't think I could face all the people.  I had been looking at wig videos on YouTube.  That is where I found Godiva's Secret Wigs.  I found one I liked, the Katie, and ordered it.  I love her!  I also ordered Trixie in Ginger-H.  I switch back and forth.  I don't know what I would do without Godivas, thank you so much.  I am now able to face the world with a smile.  I have gotten so many compliments and I tell everyone it is a Godiva's Secret Wig.  Thank you so much you saved me!!"  -Casey

*Wearing Katie w/ Roots Wig in Terracotta-H 

lee"I got my  hair piece this afternoon and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!  I ran over to my friend's place and she didn't even notice it wasn't real!  Very cool!  Here's a picture of me with the topper right out of the box!"  -Lee

*Wearing Medium Top in Ginger Brown 

allison"I can't say enough amazing things about Godiva's Secret Wigs! Not only are their products beautiful, comfortable, and easy to use but the staff is second to none. Getting a cancer diagnosis at 26 SUCKS but it doesn't mean you have to feel any less beautiful. I actually felt more beautiful than I ever had with my new hair. Thank you for all you do, you were such a bright light in a dark time in my life. XOXO."  -Allison

*Wearing Candice w/ Roots Wig in Nutmeg-F 

gloria"I am a first-time Godiva's Secret buyer and became interested in your company after seeing your great videos on YouTube.  I do have fairly healthy hair --BUT it is naturally curly, and frizzes uncontrollably when the weather is rainy or humid. I actually ended up buying three wigs, being reassured from your website that I could return any that I didn't like.I ended up keeping all three wigs! Since I am turning 65 this month, this was a perfect morale-booster for me because I love to change my look and I love the ease and youthful, natural appearance of these wigs. I love my Godiva's Secret Wigs and will be ordering more in the future! You have a new loyal customer in me!"  -Gloria

*Wearing Freedom Wig in Chestnut

nichole"I am SUPER excited about the wig and how it looks. I also appreciate the packaging and helpful tips. I am new to wigs due to having alopecia and am learning as I go. Your pamphlet is very informative. Again, I LOVE the Naomi wig!!! It look makes me look like my old self and it's made me feel more comfortable about leaving my house! THANK YOU GODIVA WIGS!"  -Nichole

*Wearing Naomi Mono Wig in Chocolate Kiss-R

johnnie"I love this wig! My hair is very long and without cutting it I can look fabulous in silver! I would love to have my own hair this color but the expense and upkeep is beyond my ability to keep up with it. I'm a 66 year old grandmother of five and I absolutely feel beautiful in this color and style. I own three Godiva Secret Wigs and one of their costume wigs and love all of them."  -Johnnie

*Wearing Andrea Wig in Silver Stone 

noreen"Thanks for all the help you give me whenever I need to talk with someone.  You have given me a new lease on life.  My hair is thinning before my eyes, but, thankfully I have you!  Oh, I recently went to Ireland and as you know it rains a lot.  Didn't have to worry about my hair going straight...brought two wigs and got ready each day quick."  -Noreen      

*Wearing Sunset Wig in Auburn Sugar 

allison2"Wearing this wig allows me to express a side of myself I don't often get to.... I look forward to it every time and it's pure happiness!"  -Allison

*Wearing Brooke w/ Roots Wig in Mochaccino-R 

michele"Me 8 months later...still wearing my Long Top in Almond Spice. It still looks amazing! I am amazed at the quality and customer service! I no longer worry about my scalp showing and people are shocked when I tell them I'm wearing a topper when they wanna know who cuts and colors my hair!!!"  -Michele

*Wearing Long Top w/ Roots in Almond Spice-R 

jeanne"Finally found the time to collect my wig package from the post..Love love love them and the colour is soo close to my own..it just looks like I've been to the hairdresser and not 'wiggy' at all..I'm a recovery room nurse and I'm wearing my Freedom hair today at work..haven't told anyone I'm wearing a wig..no one has noticed yet..which is perfect.."  -Jeanne

*Wearing Freedom w/ Roots Wig in Mochaccino-R

luigi"The wig much more than I expected, really nice and natural.  The hair really looks like human hair.  Got the wig in 2 days ( I live in Guatemala, Central América).  Thanks! you have a client from now on :-)"  -Luigi

*Wearing Blake Wig in Light Grey

mary-nina"My hair has thinned so much on top and I couldn't style it any longer.  I quit wearing makeup as well.  When your hair is ugly, what's the point?  I had seen Godiva's Secret Wigs on YouTube and loved the styles.  Rochelle made it look easy, so I took a chance!  I chose Nina in Ginger Brown.  She's comfortable and makes me feel pretty again. I will definitely be ordering more!"  -Mary

*Wearing Nina Wig in Ginger Brown

jemma"Mid year I purchased my first wig ever and from you.  My reason for purchasing the wig was it is hard to do my hair, a bit fuzzy, I can not handle a hair dryer and when I straighten it looks burnt.  And in summer I like to swim and then if I go out that day its a disaster or I try to swim with out wetting my hair.  I took my wig on my recent European holiday, it was so good. When I dressed up nice for dinner I could just put on the wig and have a nice night out. I have been receiving comments on how beautiful my hair looks and the curls are amazing."  -Jemma

*Wearing Alexa Mono Wig in Butternut-R

emily"During chemo for breast cancer, I lost all of my hair.  But a year and half later the front has not returned. What is there is so sparse - but the back and sides are full again. Total Fringe has given me back my bangs and it blends so beautifully with my hair. I did not want to wear a full wig since 80% of my hair has come back so this really is so perfect! Thank you!!"  -Emily

*Wearing Total Fringe in Walnut Brown  

debi"Thank you Godiva for your beautiful wigs and friendship. They make me feel beautiful again after losing my ear and hair on the right side due to aggressive skin cancer and radiation. I have 3 wigs from you and love them all."  -Debi

*Wearing Trixie w/ Roots in Creamy Toffee-R

dianna"This is a picture of me today at my favourite Italian restaurant in Edinburgh, wearing my Kelly in Chocolate Swirl! And LOVING it!"  -Diana

*Wearing Kelly Wig in Chocolate Swirl